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Gun Control Advocate: Ban Anything With a Sharp Edge

Ban knives, nails, glass bottles, forks

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

A video has emerged of a gun control advocate at a Second Amendment rally in Philadelphia arguing that not only guns but knives, nails, forks and anything with a sharp edge should be banned and that the government should develop new kitchen utensils that are unable to harm people in order to keep everybody safe.

The video, published by Story Leak’s Anthony Gucciardi, is a shocking illustration of how vehemently many Americans support the nanny state.

After arguing that countries like England, Holland and Australia are safer because everybody is disarmed (violent crime is actually far higher), the individual makes it clear that he wants to ban all guns, including hunting rifles.

He then erroneously inflates the number of gun-related deaths in America by four times, falsely stating that the figure is 40,000 when in fact it is under 10,000 a year according to the FBI’s statistics, which the gun control fanatic refuses to believe. Gucciardi also adds that many of these gun deaths occur in gun control capitals like Chicago, where lawful citizens cannot own guns to defend themselves.

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5 comments to Gun Control Advocate: Ban Anything With a Sharp Edge

  • dan

    the only people that are worse then this man ,are the POLITICIANS that he and his ilk VOTE for and elect to office……for they as authority implement such mindless banter into Unconstitutional laws……imho

  • Vanessa

    Love the man purse:)

  • Joe

    Let’s face it, this guy displays all the verbiage and characteristics of a degenerate homosexual!

    …but I’m not saying he is one …………….:-)

    • NaySayer

      More gay bashing from the hater wing of the site.

      I believe in freedom so there should be a nanny state for those who want one and everybody else can move to the free state. Of course the nanny state would invade the free state because most people would move out and they wouldn’t have any tax base. Hard to be a nanny state without enough tax revenue.

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