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Good Parents and Bad Parents…

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

There has always been a debate about the “why” of “how” people turn out. In the 1983 movie Trading Places, Randolph and Mortimer Duke bet each other as to whether “good and bad” are natural traits or whether people are products of their environment. I believe both are correct and have at least some bearing on how people end up as either “good or bad.”

While conceding that people are born with a good heart, a black heart or somewhere in between I’d like to talk about “upbringing.” I believe that a basically good person can be taught to become a liar, a thief or a murderer. A naturally “bad” person on the other hand can be taught (though this is far more difficult) to be a better person. Obviously the time to best “form” a personality is during childhood. There are good parents and bad parents, kids will tend (obviously not always though) to follow in their parents footsteps and value system or “beliefs.” Stay with me, I am heading somewhere with this.

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