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Gold & Silver – Purely A Mental Game Right Now. Do Not Blink.

by Michael Noonan, Gold Silver Worlds:

“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.”

There is a similar situation with regard to fiat paper everywhere, but not a gold delivery to be made. The delirium cast by central bankers issuing unlimited fiat has kept so many people in a fiat-induced fog, unable to see clearly. The fog has lifted. It is all a game. See the fraudulent scheme for what it is and then fear no more. It is just a matter of time before everything unravels, as it surely is.

The price of gold and silver are closer to a bottom than a top. The QE-Infinity is closer to a top and will collapse under its own “goldless” weight. The PM holders are on the correct side of history. Understand that it has been one of the bigger world scams played by the central bankers, the illuminati who believed themselves untouchable, beyond the scope of comprehension by the non-banking world.

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1 comment to Gold & Silver – Purely A Mental Game Right Now. Do Not Blink.

  • 8Ball

    Paper Gold vs. Physical Gold

    It is documented that the actual number of individuals that own physical G&S is miniscule compared to the holdings of governments, central banks and other private entities…

    We are told that 100’s of tonnes of Gold are being redeemed from the LBMA vaults and sent to the East but can anyone prove that? We are told that there is a chitload of Gold in Ft. Knox but can anyone prove that? Germany wanted to audit its Gold at the NY Fed vault and they were told: “nope, ain’t gonna happen”… The Germans have to sit on their hands for 7-8 years and MAYBE they will be able to repatriate their metal. Kyle Bass wants to bring the school trust fund’s Gold back to Texas from the NY Fed: good luck with that one Kyle.

    This all goes back to the golden rule: “He who has the Gold makes the rules…” The rest of this is conjecture from the metal peddlers to keep the rubes on the edge of their seats, waiting for “the next big move”.

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