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Gold plunges again: unleashes perfect storm for the bears

Ben Bernanke’s latest statements on QE hit the gold market hard, driving prices down below the $1300 level in this morning’s trading. There could still be worse to come for the gold bulls!

by Lawrence Williams,

Some heavy selling following Ben Bernanke’s upbeat statement suggesting a cutting back of QE later this year, and a possible end next, hit gold hard overnight with the bullion price falling back close to $1300 before making a small recovery – and then falling back again in London to breach the $1300 level on the downside in a very volatile market. There were renewed sales from the big SPDR gold ETF, GLD, taking it down below 1,000 tonnes for the first time since February 2009.

SocGen’s analyst Michael Haigh was predicting a fourth quarter gold price average of only $1200 while Nouriel Roubini would have been smiling given his recent prediction that gold would fall back to $1,000. The U.S. dollar surged, seemingly yet another nail in gold’s coffin. All in all something of a perfect storm for gold bears. Could the downturn be turning into a rout?

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