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Gold Moving To A Sound Money System Is One Of The Big Trends

from Gold Silver Worlds:

This article summarizes some really excellent thoughts that money manager Catherine Austin Fitts shared with USA Watch Dog in this must-listen video. She covers several topics, from very long term trends to very specific ongoing evolutions. Here focus, however, is really on the deteriorating financial and monetary system, as well as the ongoing financial repression. The net result is a transfer of wealth from the largest part of the population to a  very small elite.

Big trends

She sees a couple of very big (long term) trends.

  1. We have a group of people using the financial system to centralize control. We are in a process of an enormous centralization of control going on.
  2. We have globalization. We are going from a world where we are competing globally instead of domestically (look at labour as an example).

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