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As the paper price of gold falls even lower due to market manipulation, gold continues to bleed from the COMEX Warehouse stocks.  Today, another 156,310 ounces were removed from the Customer inventories.  What is even more interesting is how much gold has been removed from the COMEX since the beginning of the year.

If we look at the COMEX Inventory table below, we can see that 64,177 oz were removed from HSBC and 92,133 oz were removed from Scotia Mocatta.  Again, both of these were withdrawn from the Eligible or Customer Inventories.

While HSBC and Scotia Mocatta can afford these sort of gold withdrawals from their customer inventories, as you can see, JP Morgan cannot with only 141,197 oz remaining.  Basically, the gold that was removed from these two bank vaults, would have totally wiped out JP Morgan’s remaining customer inventory.

Furthermore, as we can see from the chart below, Gold Continues to Bleed from the Comex:

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  • verum-i

    Open Letter to the FED, USG and BIS
    Please send on.

    Dear Sir
    Media is rife with credible reports that the Fed, ESF and BIS triad is behind the very apparent vicious bear raids and frankly patently obvious suppression of gold and silver.
    Any denial would only add insult to injury, since the most acquainted and informed experts all agree that there could be no other entity which would trade in the blatantly impious manner in which huge volume has been dumped on the thinnest of markets, with the clear intent on maximum price destruction.

    We therefore posit the following question to you:
    • Why would you wager all the people’s gold to satisfy standing contracts from such truly injudicious raids? All that gold will be gone forever, to China, at massive discount prices; a treasonous act by any stretch of the definition.

    • Do you consider it fair and equitable that sovereign entities can rig and manipulate the gold and silver markets in collusion with WS banks, which then front-run this illegal operation and profiteer hugely at the expense of all the other market participants not in on the scam? It has even been suggested that this is the very reason for the criminal raids; to re-capitalize the bankrupt banks at the expense of the hard working citizens!

    • Are the people, who work hard, produce all the wealth and make society with their sweat and diligence, held in such sheer contempt and scorn, and treated as expendable, that they can be used as cash cows to be milked, more like raped and looted, just for the sake of bailing out some shiftless banking cabal which got themselves into financial difficulty through fraud and crime?

    • Do you have any consideration for the billions and trillions invested by people all over the world in gold, silver and the PM mining industry, from mining to savings, which are all being destroyed; trillions of live time savings, livelihoods of millions of workers, families and children, all for an iniquitous system that only thrives on fraud, crime and the looting of hard working people?

    The notion that suppressing gold, and hence lower prices, will have a constructive effect on the US$ or interest rates has so widely been discredited that it is utterly surprising that the Treasury, Fed and BIS are still holding on to such inane folly.
    In fact it has been proven time and again that rigged markets always produce the exact opposite outcome to the intent, and then so with gusto, much more exacerbated than had markets not been manipulated in the first place.

    So rigging gold and silver is a fools game, and most would agree, a despicable crime of immense proportions on par, if not greater than the Libor, IRS, CDO, drug money laundering or ISDAfix scandals of late!

    We’d appreciate hearing your position on this matter and look forward to your explanation and answers to our questions.
    Many thanks in advance
    Kind regards

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