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Gary Gibson – Reconsider Owning Real Estate


We caught up with Gary Gibson today. Gary feels that big changes are in the offing. While the US is the center of the collapsing empire, most people will elect to stay here. Therefore, it’s important to have your priorities straight and to give up illusions of property ownership. Even if you don’t have a mortgage, you’re still renting. You’ve got to pay your taxes to the state or else they’ll sell your home to the highest bidder. Real estate used for a residence is just another form of consumption. So you need plan it all out now, get ready for the big changes ahead and get ready before it’s too late.

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1 comment to Gary Gibson – Reconsider Owning Real Estate

  • lastmanstanding

    These fuckers make me laugh…wshtf, no one will be paying anyone shit…especially taxes and the govt.

    They all think that this bs will continue “just in a different manner’

    no chance…it is them or us. It won’t be them.

    That is why all these ex-pat pussies like Gibson, Berwick, karger, etc, have bailed.

    There asses will be worth less than nothing in their sheltered libertarian oasis.

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