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Experts on the Left and the Right Agree: America Is Running the World’s Largest Terrorist Operation

Chomsky: “Obama Is Running The Biggest Terrorist Operation That Exists”

by George, Washington’s Blog:

Leading liberal Noam Chomsky  said yesterday:

The Obama administration is dedicated to increasing terrorism. In fact, it’s doing it all over the world.  Obama is running the biggest terrorist operation that exists, maybe in history:  the drone assassination campaigns, which are just part of it […] All of these operations, they are terror operations.


People hate the country that’s just terrorizing them.  That’s not a surprise. Just consider the way we react to acts of terror. That’s the way other people react to [American] acts of terror.

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1 comment to Experts on the Left and the Right Agree: America Is Running the World’s Largest Terrorist Operation

  • Carl Clark

    The U.S are masters of the art of deception, they run both Shia and Sunni groups in Iraq, they run several warlords in Afghanistan who work for both the taliban and government, they support radical islamist fighters in Syria, they support both the Government and opposition in Egypt and Libya, the U.S military and intelligence both agree, disunity and destabilisation are major factors in running any terror operations as it causes the climate for the U.S to manipulate and to make long term profit out of the situation.
    War is profit War drives the U.S economy without War America would have 25 million extra of their citizens out of work, I see all what is happening as beiong a pre-cursor to the war with China, which is inevitable placate the rest of the world first then the last bastion of communism will be ready for the taking and wirth it massive opportunities for the U.S markets to invest in a booming society like they have in south korea and other countries, first put in the point men, Kentucky fried chicken, burger king, mcdonalds and major phone and pharmaceutical companies where many chinese work for them next stage is toi divide the people from the state which is happening now in major chinese cities.

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