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End of the Carry Trade – And With It the Entire Global Financial System

by Andy Hoffman,

For the past decade, the term “carry trade” has been bandied about as if it’s a single, ubiquitous process.  In fact, it’s as far from homogenous as possible, in that such trades can be referred to in terms of both interest rate and currency arbitrage.  Generally speaking, it refers to the act of borrowing at a low cost, and using the proceeds to invest in a higher yielding security.  However, its definition can refer to both simple interest rate transactions and complex currency trades – the most popular of which has been the (now dying) “yen carry trade.”

Yen Carry Trade May Be Dead in the Water

Since 2008, global banks have been “bailed out” by liberal (read: FRAUDULENT) accounting changes…

Wall Street celebrates accounting rule changes designed to hide losses


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