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Edward Snowden: Limited Hangout or a Globalist Step-Back?

from The Daily Bell:

Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden – The NSA Whistleblower Exposed as Career NSA, CIA, Special Forces Trained Agent … Oh yeah, he didn’t tell us [anything] that we didn’t already know. Yeah, he’s a hero. UPDATE: Booz Allen Hamilton huh? Do you know who owns them, who our hero really works for? The Carlyle Group. Booz Allen Hamilton, like its rival SAIC, is involved in virtually every aspect of the modern intelligence enterprise, from advising top officials on how to integrate the 16 agencies within the Intelligence Community (IC), to detailed analysis of signals intelligence, imagery and other critical collections technologies… Booz itself it now owned by the Carlyle Group, one of the nation’s most politically-connected private equity funds. – From the Trenches

Dominant Social Theme: Edward Snowden, Hong Kong hero …

Free-Market Analysis: You read it here first over the weekend: Like Julian Assange and Occupy Wall Street, Edward Snowden is likely part of a larger dominant social theme, a manipulation created and supported by globalists who have created the world’s mega-surveillance state and now want to publicly enshrine it.

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2 comments to Edward Snowden: Limited Hangout or a Globalist Step-Back?

  • Jonathan

    If that is their strategy they’re idiots. Now that everyone knows it out in the open they know everything they do can not only be tracked by the government but possibly anyone at these companies. With anxiety levels at all time highs you don’t want the people to be afraid of you every time they turn on their computer. If they think people will get used to this they’re wrong. government is literally in your home watching everything you do just like in 1984. This is going to drive America to the edge and if the powers react with martial law it will get ugly. Even if the powers succeed against the people their credibility as leaders will be gone and their only choice will be fascism or a return to the constitution.

  • Frank Zak

    Every time I read something from the Daily Bell,
    the thought they may be CIA shills crosses my mind.

    I smell cops.

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