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Dollar Devaluation!

from Bigdad06:

I speak with Jim Willie of, founder and editor of The Hat Trick Letter, about the U.S. dollar devaluation.

The link for part 2 is here… .

The link for part 3 is here… .

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5 comments to Dollar Devaluation!

  • 8Ball

    Maybe, might, could, would, should, perhaps and someday…

  • Praxis

    I was thinking this a couple of months ago suggesting commodity prices won’t rise, they’ll spike suddenly in currency terms.

    How that affects us domestically… I Don’t know. That’s anyone’s guess. Just let it be known, HAVE AT LEAST SOME MONTHS OF FOOD.

    PM’s are worthless by comparison during a snap devaluation. Once the food supply stabilizes, *then* PM’s will be worth what they’re supposed to buy.

    What that will be, again, we’ll find out. Looking at recent events and the potential energy stored up in the system… It’s not going to be fun. Well maybe for me, but not most.

  • harman kardon

    @Waldo, if the Chinese are working with the Rothschild’s, I would have to agree–nothing but an eminence front, a put-on, a trap to sucker them into a web they will never be able to get out; not only for the opium wars, but for everything they have done to the Chinese for the past 200 years.

  • Abbi

    Was a great show. I really enjoy Jim Willie. As regards the Chinese, the West has put them in the box of perception that was, really was, bascially the communist model, created by the Wall Street bankers themselves. Forgetting that Chinese history and Chinese culture is far older, and the communist period, is a mere blimp on the map. The real Chinese are highly cultured, highly intelligent and.. very well mannered. The West has been deluded into regarding the Chinese as inferior, which is a big mistake. As much as I like Alex Jones and what he is doing, to use and analogy, the comparison is like between hambergers and caviar. Unlike many other people, I really do not think that Rothschild has any real influence here. Though if they have half a brain, they would have entered into negotiations and most probably have already for their own self preservation. If anything I see a new Renaissance, but this time a Chinese one, of incredible art, invention and creativity. Confucious and the principles of a “mandate of heaven”will return, with beauty, form and meaning. And I do predict that Tibet will be re-instated. Here is but one small glimpse at where we are going, and it is NOT Transhumanism, rather it is human in all it’s miraculous manifestations:

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