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Diamond supply to fall, need to dig deeper to get it: De Beers CEO

from BullionStreet:

Diamond supplies are set to fall in the coming years as mining has become difficult and miners need to go further deep to find the treasure, accordign to Philippe Mellier, CEO of De Beers, leading diamond manufacturer in the world.

Speaking at a breakfast session at JCK Las Vegas show. De Beers CEO said that the company is aggressively looking for new deposits. Philippe Mellier said that even in the most productive mines,producers must remove tons of waste and ore to find one diamond.

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8 comments to Diamond supply to fall, need to dig deeper to get it: De Beers CEO

  • Pipes

    Complete and utter BS. Do not be sucked in by this ongoing, widespread and concerted effort to convince the world (or perpetuate the myth) that diamonds are rare or valuable. The value of diamonds has been completely propped up through artificial scarcity for decades. It is well known (by anyone with half a brain, willing to do a little homework) that DeBeers has been monopolizing the marketplace out of necessity, so that they can control the flow of product. They have destroyed and dumped vast amounts of diamonds over the years, in order to maintain the myth of rarity. If they were REALLY desperate to harvest more diamonds, they know which areas of the ocean floor to go find piles of them.

  • ED


  • Hman

    De Beers my A$$, this company is one heck of a fraudulent diamond monopoly that was founded and supported by the Rothschild (see link below).

    Try buy a diamond today and sell it the next day, you would be lucky if you got 50% back.

    • Upstart

      A few years ago I got the opportunity to look at some centuries old manuscripts which read like a family history of the global ‘money elite’.

      From reading these historical documents (superficially I must admit as some were in French and some Latin, the rest in old English), the bloodlines of many of todays ‘money elite’ families (globally), along with the bloodlines of European Royality, appear to be tracable back to the Normans of medieval Europe.

      The Normans invaded and conquered Britain over 1000 years ago, growing thier empire (to include interestingly, Rome, and parts of current flashpoints in what is now Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and Cyprus). They keept control of these regions (through the Norman State that is known today as ‘The City of London’), and of global economics and ‘money power’ in general ever since (through the use of European, esp Roman Church political and money ‘power’), and then later through the British empire, before moving around the globe and setting up new bases, such as in Washington.

      Some of the names I came accross are still present in global political and money power circles today. Dead giveaways are those names which still retain the title ‘of the Normans’, commonly given as the prefix ‘De’ as in De Beers, or De Rothschild, for example.

      Wish I had longer to look at those documents, and someone with me who could read Latin, but I still managed to link together a few more dots.

      And yes, Diamonds are a ‘semi-precious’ stone, they are not as rare as the money men would have you believe.

      • NaySayer

        The “normans” were vikings. Nor-man stands for Norse Man or viking. Henry II, king of england and grandson of William the Conqueror (known as the “norman” conquest of england) was blonde, blue eyed and over six feet tall.

  • aka

    If only Russia wants to exploit its diamond reserve… Diamond mining is doomed.. just look for “Popigai Crater” they have a trillion ct diamond reserve!!

  • Glitter 1

    The best play/investment of this century is Silver.Silver is scarcer than Gold,it has infinate more uses/applications than Gold and it is being consumed at an ever more excelerating rate than is being officially recognized or allowed to be recognized.The true intinsic value of Silver will become more evident as time goes on.If you are a 30-40 something,accumulate physical Silver for a rich retirement or accumulate physical Silver to pass on/preserve generational wealth.It’s not a question of if,but only when the price of Silver is measured in high three/four digits.

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