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CIA Plans August Offensive in Syria

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

The Wall Street Journal reports today that the CIA is moving weapons from secret warehouses to Jordan ahead of an August offensive in Syria. The covert plan was authorized by Obama earlier this month, the newspaper reports. Arab and European nations are also involved in the effort.

Saudi Arabia plans to provide Manpads, shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, to a select number of groomed terrorist mercenaries, according to U.S. officials. The Journal reports that the U.S. will “monitor this effort… to try to reduce the risk that the Manpads could fall into the hands of Islamists.”

In fact, the United States and its Arab and European collaborators depend almost exclusively on fanatical Salafist mercenaries. The CIA plans to spend around two weeks grooming an initial group of Salafist fighters and training them to use small arms and antitank missiles.

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1 comment to CIA Plans August Offensive in Syria

  • Jonathan

    I wonder if anyone at the Wall Street Journal is going to get charged with espionage for leaking the CIA plans and putting American lives at risks.

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