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China destroys multiple shipments of GM corn from US

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

Several large shipments of genetically-modified (GM) corn and corn seeds originating from the U.S. have been destroyed by the Chinese government after being discovered by import officials at numerous locations across the country. At least three shipments of GM corn detected at the Wanzai Port in Zhuhai City near Macau were reportedly destroyed after being successfully intercepted by government officials, while another 21 cartons of GM corn seeds weighing more than 250 pounds were destroyed in the northern Chinese city of Harbin.

According to Chinese law, any import containing GMOs must be accompanied by the appropriate environmental and food safety tests conducted by Chinese institutions, not the biotechnology industry. This data is first submitted to the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture for review, and next passed on to the National Biosafety Committee for further review. If said data is eventually deemed adequate and meets strict guidelines, the corresponding shipment will be issued an appropriate safety certificate verifying its integrity and permitting its import.

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2 comments to China destroys multiple shipments of GM corn from US

  • Upstart

    It has become clear to me that GM crops and animals are a very intelligent and subversive form of biological warfare.

    China, Hungary, and the various other countries which have recently burned large stockpiles of the evil abomination called GM ‘crops’ have taken a very measured response to this covert ‘attack’.

    A few years ago I was taken in by the GM propaganda and actually thought GMO’s were the way forward, allowing us to ‘feed the world’. I now know just how wrong I was.

    I partly blame the conditioning I recieved during my days as a Biological Sciences student, and partly my lack of knowledge into the real ways of this world.

    There are some seriously evil people out there, motivated by greed, the persuit of power and control, or for more esoteric reasons. These people have no conscience about hurting others (see Indian farmers who use gmo for just one exampleof pain caused) or who take pleasure in destroying what is good and pure.

    I now see GM organisms, especially animals, as the abominations which they are, and which have no place on Gods Earth.

    Just wait and see what some ‘bright’ scientists have dome with the data collected from the Human Genome Project (another idea I used to think was to help humanity, how wrong I was on that too).

  • aa

    Great for China and lets hope all countries follow China and Hungary’s example and destroy all of these genetic abominations.

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