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CDC to ‘Study’ Gun Violence, Ignore Link to Antidepressants

by Melissa Melton, TruthStream Media:

Guns weren’t the only weapons involved in many of our nation’s mass shootings over the last two decades.

After the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary last December, President Obama signed 23 executive orders relating to guns and gun violence in this country. Of those 23, seven were specifically related to mental health issues. One of the orders directed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to identify and research the most pressing topics related to the causes of gun violence.

The CDC asked an Institute of Medicine committee to set the agenda for this research, which was just released last week:

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1 comment to CDC to ‘Study’ Gun Violence, Ignore Link to Antidepressants

  • dan

    gun control advocates and executive orders are a mental disorder…will the cdc study them…as a disease on the US Constitution….I think not…

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