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Cameron’s Transparent Trade Ploy

from The Daily Bell:

EU and US ‘in biggest trade deal’ … UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans for what could be “the biggest bilateral trade deal in history” between the EU and the US. He announced the start of formal negotiations on a trade deal worth hundreds of billions of pounds, aimed at boosting exports and driving growth. Mr Cameron said a successful agreement would have a greater impact than all other world trade deals put together. The talks were announced ahead of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland. US President Barack Obama said the first round of negotiations would take place in Washington in July. They aim to conclude by the end of 2014. – BBC

Dominant Social Theme: The wise man of Downing Street has a deal for YOU.

Free-Market Analysis: British Prime Minister David Cameron is under attack on all fronts. The British economy is sprawled on the world stage like road-kill, British unemployment remains agonizingly high and the furor over Britain’s continued presence in the European Union is causing Cameron serial headaches.

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2 comments to Cameron’s Transparent Trade Ploy

  • uncviper23

    Oh great more Libor rigging and LME fraud.

    What the hell does the UK even make? I truly can’t even think of anything I have bought made in the UK. hmmmm. Still thinking. This trade deal will lead the world back to prosperity. I can’t wait.

    • Upstart


      ‘What the hell does the UK even make?’ Thats easy – The City of London leads the world in the manufacture of Derivitives!

      They may not make derivitives in the same quantity as Wall Street, but for type, variety, and choice the UK leads the world.

      I also heard the UK still make good ‘fish and chip’ takeouts – not sure what the export market is like in cooked fish and potato products though.

      Got to laugh about it……

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