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Buying silver and gold is for crazy people!

from EpicRV:

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2 comments to Buying silver and gold is for crazy people!

  • Wombats

    Gold is NOT an investment. It is money; REAL money! Has been for @ 5000 yrs.
    One other thing. Taking the people’s gold was NOT for the good of the country and did NOT bring us to a “better place”. It was only for the benefit of the government, not the citizens!

  • Frank Zak

    About 20 years ago I developed Interdimensional Cycles.
    It was the most sophisticated cycle system ever developed.
    But, I sold the rights to it.

    Here is a rookie taking a shot at cycles in silver.
    Very rudimentary but interesting. It shows silve rmaking a
    bottom now. As I mentioned a 49 week cycle bottom hit
    not long ago and the price formations are correct for
    both gold 60% correction and silver $20.

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