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Booz Allen Hamilton: This “Private” Company Earns 99% of its Revenue from the U.S. Government

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

One of the most dangerous things happening in America today is that so called “private” companies are doing much of the government’s dirty work, completely in the shadows and with essentially zero accountability.  Booz Allen Hamilton, the defense contractor that employed whistleblower hero Edward Snowden is one of them.  Recall that Booz Allen is the contractor that journalist and activist Barrett Brown was thoroughly investigating when he was arrested last year.  In the past couple of days, both Bloomberg and the New York Times have written stories on this shady company and some interesting facts have emerged.  One of the most telling is this excerpt from Booz Allen’s annual report:

“Because we are limited in our ability to provide information about these contracts and services,” the company said in its latest annual report, “you may not have important information concerning our business, which will limit your insight into a substantial portion of our business, and therefore may be less able to fully evaluate the risks related to that portion of our business.”

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