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Biden: Minimum Wage Hike ‘Like Getting a Free Year of Groceries’

by Fred Lucas, CNSnews:

Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday compared a minimum wage hike – tied to inflation – with “getting a free year of groceries.”

“Think about all it means to a middle-class family. An increase would cover all that they are now spending on groceries – just this increase. If we increase the minimum wage to just what we’re talking about, all the money you spend in a year on groceries, will be equal to that increase. It’s like getting a free year of groceries,” Biden said.

“These proposed increases would raise wages for over 15 million people. Think of the impact that will have on the economy, on their economy, our economy, a little extra money in the hands of so many consumers,” he said in remarks at the White House marking the 75th anniversary of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which included a minimum wage.

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7 comments to Biden: Minimum Wage Hike ‘Like Getting a Free Year of Groceries’

    • NaySayer

      Joe Biden is like Obama’s anti-impeachment insurance. If we get rid of Obama we end up with this idiot. If they both get impeached, we end up with the speaker of the house, Boehner who is also an idiot. If we end up with all three being impeached then we end up with Supreme Court Justice John Roberts who it has been suggested has something so bad in his private life that he was blackmailed into casting the vote FOR obamacare because he would do anything to keep whatever it is secret.

      Wow, what a massive bunch of losers.

  • monica

    can you say “DOUCHE-BAG”?????

  • Tony

    Well, that’s slavery, when you’re not allowed to grow your own food because Monsanto owns it all, when you can’t have chicken in your backyard because the government said so… they are confiscating your right to eat and remain healthy… They want you dependent on their system. they give you the freedom they think you deserve. I guess yes you can say douche and all other terminology you want… while you still can…

  • johns

    How many “groceries” will this wage increase buy when the cost of said “groceries” rises also ??????? Yeah, DOUCHEBAG, answer that.

  • rico


  • NaySayer

    Um, we are broke so where is this money supposed to come from? This is like saying, “I can’t be out of money because I have checks left.”

    The money paid to the workers in higher wages will just result in higher prices for everybody to offset the cost of the rise in wages. The corporations aren’t going to pay for those new wages, they are going to immediately raise prices to cover them.

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