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Benghazi Murders – The Obama Way

by LittleBoca,

They are experts at covering up, hiding, and withholding information. It’s a way of life for the Obama Administration. Obama directs every scandal that comes our way from a distance – he is the director behind the director, unscathed and free as a bird.

His peons scramble to get the props in place before the you-know-what hits the fan. Each one knows their part and sets the stage for his devious scandals. The Benghazi terrorist attack took four beautiful American Patriots from us; and yet almost 9 months later, we’re just treading water, playing the cat and mouse game just like we did with the Fast and Furious gunrunner project.

Panetta and Biden slinked away into the night hiding out in their assigned dog houses waiting until the smoke cleared. Clinton scored a home run on the witness stand slipping, sliding and hitting one home run after the other. She knows the art of interrogation and pretty much shut her interrogators down as she finalized her testimony by thrashing about, raising her hand, grimacing, and yelling “What difference does it really make?”

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