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Assange: US rule of law suffering ‘calamitous collapse’

from France 24:

AFP – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Friday that the US justice system was suffering from a “calamitous collapse in the rule of law”, as Washington reeled from the sensational exposure of vast spy agency surveillance programmes.

Speaking in an interview with AFP at Ecuador’s London embassy, where he has been holed up for almost a year, the founder of the whistleblowing website accused the US government of trying to “launder” its activities with regard to the far-reaching electronic spying effort revealed on Thursday.

“The US administration has the phone records of everyone in the United States and is receiving them daily from carriers to the National Security Agency under secret agreements. That’s what’s come out,” said the 41-year-old Australian.

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2 comments to Assange: US rule of law suffering ‘calamitous collapse’

  • Ed_B

    I disagree with Mr. Assange. The US is not suffering from a “calamitous collapse in the rule of law”. It has already collapsed, thanks largely to the efforts of the Obamunists’ chief in the US Just Us Dept. From what was promised to be “the most open and transparent government in US history” has been anything but. The only way we are finding the dirt in this regime is when a new scandal emerges thanks to a few whistleblowers with a conscience. Otherwise, this regime would not be at all forthcoming about their under-the-table activities.

    History will show that this is the most corrupt government ever. The government of US Grant can heave a sigh of relief at now being only the 2nd most corrupt US government. Similarly, the government of Jimmy Carter can now relax as they are no longer the least competent US government ever.

  • I have never trusted this Assange character. I’m almost sure he works for them. Too good to be true usually isn’t. I hope I’m wrong but I’m probably right. I think we will find that Manning has been crucified to make Assange look good. After all what did we really get from wikileaks?

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