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A Question of Why

by Harman Kardon,

As the latest and greatest scandal, act of tyranny, unfolds before the United States citizenry, we have to look back and ask why. Why would the government need to collect every stroke of the keyboard, every phone call made and every website visited? If the government isn’t out of control and attempting something that’s very sinister in nature, then why would this information be necessary? What is the point of collecting all this information on each and every citizen? I understand the NFL pre-season is about to begin and most folks really can’t be bothered with such trivial questions of politics and liberty, but what if the NFL was deemed too violent to be broadcast into your living room and you could only enjoy a game at centralized locations with the other people that wanted to watch a game?

This question merely opens the door to a whole host of other questions. If the government is not attempting to control every aspect of our lives then why would cameras need to be mounted at most of the major intersections on our roadways? What is the purpose of collecting photos of vehicles that are passing through this intersection or that intersection? Who is monitoring these cameras? What are they doing with the information? Why is it important? You probably passed several this morning on your way to work and didn’t really notice as they have become part of the landscape.

Over the past two decades we have seen more and more cameras popping up in locations that seem very benign on the surface. These cameras can pop-up at will and in any location the police deem necessary. This is, of course, done under the false guise of “protecting the citizenry from terrorism”. You are more likely to be killed by lightening or an auto accident than you are by an act of terrorism. I personally knew several people that are no longer living that were killed in auto accidents. I do not know one person whose life has been affected by terrorism, much less ended. Yes, the disgusting acts of 9/11, the Atlanta Olympics, the Boston Marathon and Oklahoma City were very tragic and I am sorry for the families that lost loved ones in these crimes. The question is did it affect your life directly? Did any of these criminal acts, especially in light of the current scandals, ever leave you wanting or questioning exactly how these criminal acts could have manifested? Would another camera have helped in any of these situations? Do you have a camera built into your phone? What about a microphone for use hands-free? I have often wondered why a phone would all the sudden become, not only a phone, but a camera. It always seemed a little odd, but now we know. According the reports that are coming out, the camera in your phone has played a very integral part in information gathering. Now, not only has the government been listening to and recording your conversations, they have been watching where these calls have originated. Why is that important? No, I do not have anything to hide, however, I do have my privacy to protect that is guaranteed under the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. I do have conversations that are private. I would like to believe that where I go, what I discuss with another person and the scenery I am enjoying is between me, the person involved in the conversation and our Creator. Alas, that is not the case and apparently has not been the case for almost three decades! Main Core was developed and implemented in the 1980’s and is the backbone of the new PRISM information gathering nightmare.

This brings up another question. Why is the federal government buying so many hollow-point bullets and fully-automatic assault rifles? Over the course of the past eighteen months the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has ordered roughly 2 billion rounds of hollow-point bullets. For what purpose? The DHS is an agency that was put into place to combat “terrorism”. The DHS is supposed to be protecting the citizenry of the United States. The volume of ammunition that has been ordered is the equivalent of arming the United States Armed Services for a 35 year war! This is to say nothing of the 2,700 MRAP’s that have been ordered or the 7,000 fully-automatic assault rifles. These are important questions and it seems that you, the reader, are simply too busy to notice this is happening. Did you say Dancing with the Stars new season begins tonight? Can you delay or record the upcoming episode in order to learn how your country has become the most horrific tyrannical government in the history of the world?

When the Boston Bombing occurred the city of Boston enacted Martial Law; it was not called Martial Law. The Governor, Deval Patrick, declared (another word for “ordered”) the citizens of Watertown, Waltham, Newton, Belmont, Cambridge and Allston Brighton to “shelter-in-place” (another word for martial law) and proceeded to call in the militarized police. The “police” began going door-to-door conducting warrantless searches of private citizens property. The “police” began removing people from their homes. This was unprecedented in the United States. Was “shelter-in-place” declared after 911? Was a militarized police force sent in to conduct warrantless searches? Were any of the same tyrannical tactics used in Boston enacted in the city of New York following our country coming under direct attack from a foreign enemy? Yes, we know more today regarding “terrorism” than we did in 2001. Yes, we have a better understanding that the United States is no longer immune from “terrorist” attacks. However, what was our response to the 911 attacks, regarding the CITIZENS of the United States? Were we immediately all considered to be a suspect? Were we, the citizens, subjected to “suspicion” of being the terrorist? Was the military going door-to-door and ordering people out of their homes and conducting searches? Remember we were told this was an attack by a foreign enemy. What happened on 911 was coming at us, you and me, at break-neck speed. We did not have time to really think about what was happening, who was doing what and how everything unfolded. Although, we were not so blind as to not see if something was out of balance with our military, local police and local government officials. According to page 4 as published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) terrorism does not even make the list of causes of death in the United States of America in 2011, the latest year information is available.

Why was every home, ordered by Congress, to be required to have cable or satellite television? Why would this be important and who benefits from this legislation? After the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was passed television went from a free service to a paid service. No longer would television be delivered, for free, to our homes or businesses. We would have to pay for the privilege of having a monitor in our homes. What comes through the cable that enters into our homes? What information is gathered as our television is turned on or even in an idle, off stage? Before last week this question would have come straight from the “Tin-Foil Hat Club”. Not so any more. With the information presented above you should be asking this question. You should be asking why the criminal federal government is spending $85 billion annually to spy on all of us. You should be upset. Please get upset and please begin asking questions. The evidence is no longer coming from the “internet”, it is coming from concerned citizens who have been asking questions for several decades while you have been dreaming of winning the lottery or watching the latest episode of CSI. Please join us in the “Conspiracy Nut Land” known as the internet and begin gathering real information before the government takes it all away.

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14 comments to A Question of Why


    Shame on you Israel!

    Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA

    Narus, which was founded in Israel and has large Israel connections, basically does the tapping of the communications on AT&T. And Verizon chose another company, ironically also founded in Israel and largely controlled by and developed by people in Israel called Verint.
    NSA, the secret AT&T spy room, and 2 Israeli companies

  • MPB

    An A++++++ STELLAR Article! BRAVO!

    Here is some more interesting reading;

    Peace All, MPB


    Israel a vessel for Rothschild NWO ran security at the Twin Towers all the airports involved in 911, If you dig deep into it their fingerprints are on all false flags (By Deception we Wage War) Mossad.

    They own us & want to keep it that way. They are indeed satanic paranoid murderous psychopathic Freaks of nature.

  • Upstart

    I find it facinating that there are so many different perspectives and ‘takes’ on the global surveilance grid, the global command and control grid, the global economic interconectedness, and the general global herding of humanity.

    There are a very powerful group of people who are literally as well as metaphorically ‘hell bent’ on imposing a global control grid on this planet. Call it the New World Order, or call it something else, it is happening before our eyes.

    It is clear to me that the people of the East are being herded in one direction, whilst the people of the West are being herded in another. The people of the Middle East and Africa are simply being ‘culled’.

    For those who do not have a belief in ‘spiritual warfare’, I suggest they stop reading this comment now as it wont make sense from now on.

    It appears clear to me that the control grid has an ultimate aim.

    As a student of the 3 Abrahamic faiths, it does appear to me that we in the West are being herded into a particular direction for a reason, a very ancient reason.

    For generations people in the west have been tempted with every convenience, every luxury, encouraged to ‘do what thou wilt’, and to generally turn away from the ways of our forefathers.
    Lewd, selfish, and deceitful behavior has not only been accepted, it has been encouraged.
    Drukenness and debauchary are celebrated.
    Violence is glorified, and the persuit of savagery and murder is no longer considered evil – indeed many parents allow their children to become used to this through watching movies and playing video games (some of which are frankly sickening).
    Some so called ‘pop videos’ are nothing short of cellibrations of satanic rituals and practices, with the emphasis on pleasures of the flesh and vanity.

    For many people of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths, who all claim to recognise the teachings of ‘The Old Testament’, adherance to the Ten Commandments is now considered, at best, optional.

    To the secular, well it appears anything goes (and often does).

    As a person who believes in spiritual warfare, I have long pondered on the reasons why we are all being deliberately led astray, and offered temptation after temptation.

    We live in a time where there has never been so many people alive on this earth, indeed there are more people alive today than have ever lived – and that is adding all peoples from all nations together in all of Human history.

    Lets consider that the aim of what we see around us is indeed to lead astray and encourage people to sin, and at the same time also make us dependent upon the state.

    The vast majority of the population has been trained to be dependent upon the state in ways few can even think of.
    Most of us are incapable of feeding ourselves without the state (even if we know how to grow produce and keep animals we must get ‘permission’).
    Most of us are incapable of obtaining water without the state (and those who try digging thier own wells or even harvesting rain water get trampled on if they do not get ‘permission’).
    Most people are even incapable of lighting or heating thier homes without the states help or intervention.
    Almost all of us are unable to partake in any economic activity without authority from the state (those that do so without a number or a permit are blackmarkteers and subject to arrest and punishment by the state).

    People so dpendent upon the state, people so used to superficial pleasures and luxuries, so used to tatooing thier bodies, and so fearful of not ‘fitting in’ or of not pleasing the state, will arguably be easily manipulated.

    What if one day the state turned around and said something like, ‘in order to retain your standard of living, to work, to play, to buy, and to sell, you must take an oath to the state, renouce any God you follow, and recieve a tatoo to prove you are one of us’.

    How many millions would willingly step forward. How many more would sell thier soul if a free iphone or some other pathetic ‘incentive’ was offered.

    If the aim of the game is to harvest as many souls as possible, then surely now, when never in Human history have their been so many people alive, would be the time to do it.

    ‘That no man might buy nor sell, that he had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name’. The Book of Revelation, 13:17

    • WALDO


      you seem very knowledgeable & since you mentioned The Bible & specifically Revaelations, Can you discuss
      Revelation 2:9

      What did Christ mean? Who are these people? Are the the one’s who worship the Talmud vs Torah? Christ made numerous comments which today would be considered anti-semetic (If there really is such a thing)

      King James Version (KJV)

      I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

      • Upstart


        Yes, I do understand Revelation 2:9.

        I also understand what you refer to elsewhere in your comment.

        Having briefly looked at the Luciferian practices of the ancients and compared them to what we see today ‘hidden in plain sight’, what you are asking me to elaborate on is not a comfortable area for me for many reasons.

        I would also have to draw in aspects of Christianity and aspects of Islam to give context, lest I be seen as biased. At the moment I simply do not have enough understanding (or the written ability) to give justice to any argument / viewpoint I would present.

        At the moment I am but but a very humble student of these matters and would never presume to be an expert, or even ‘knowledgable’ in this area.

        To date my research into the esoteric has led me to a new entrance to the rabbit hole, and a whole new section of the warren which I never imagined existed.

        It appears to me that Jews, Muslims, and Christians are being ‘played’ off against each other by those who follow a much older religion, a religion based upon the promise of ‘knowledge’, and which can be traced back to the Garden of Eden.

        Genesis, KJV Bible:
        16, ‘And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat’:
        17, ‘But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die’.

        There are many messages, in the form of the ancient and universal language of symbolism, given to us by those who worship the ‘god of this earth’, those who seek to enslave us. They give us these messages to illicit our willing compliance and ‘free’ choice in enslaving ourselves. Many are very clear. One of the clearest warnings, in the form of an ancient symbol signifing the fall of man, is stamped on to every iphone, imac, etc. It is as clear as day for those who have the eyes to see it.

        • WALDO


          Thank you for honesty, I am at the same place in my journey. What is strange is i was never taught these controversial Biblical scripture in Christian Theology classes or Churches, I realize now they will lose their 501C Tax exempt status. Same with outwardly criticizing Israel. It seems there is a supernatural hand at play.

          I also believe we are in apocalyptic times (apocalypse meaning the un-veiling.) I believe more will be revealed to people who have eyes to see & ears to hear.

          As far as what you say about being played against one another, that is an interesting theory. There a book on the very subject, I have not read it as of yet. It’s Title is “Caesar’s Messiah” by Joseph Atwell.

        • Abed

          The “tree of knowledge” is the actually the tree of “sex” .
          The word “knowledge” was used to describe sex .

          “And Adam KNEW Eve…”

    • Nursy1

      Upstart- AMEN!!!!!

    • Captison

      Very well said. Thank you, Upstart.

  • harman kardon

    Thank you to all for your kind words. It is appreciated.

  • Insert_Name_Here

    “Why was every home, ordered by Congress, to be required to have cable or satellite television?”

    I watch TV through a antenna….No Cable Or Satellite is involved

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