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by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,

Jason Hribal in a book just off the CounterPunch/AK press, Fear of the Animal Planet: The Hidden History of Animal Resistance, regales the reader with tales of animal rebellion and escape from captivity. In Hribal’s account, when big cats, elephants, and orcas injure or kill their trainers and keepers they are inflicting retribution for the abuse and exploitation that they suffer.

One of Hribal’s most convincing examples is Tatiana, a Siberian tiger in the San Francisco zoo. On December 25, 2007, Tatiana cleared the 12 foot high wall of her enclosure to decimate the teenagers who enjoyed themselves tormenting her. Tatiana ripped one of her tormenters to pieces, and, during her 20 minutes of freedom, she searched the zoo grounds for the other two, ignoring zoo visitors, park employees, and emergency responders. As Hribal puts it, “Tatiana was singular in her purpose.” She could have killed any number of people, but ignored them in pursuit of her tormentors.

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2 comments to A BRIEF FOR ANIMALS

  • Eric B

    I just read one of the 2 brothers in the SF Zoo tiger incident has passed on from the earth. These 2 scumbags recieved a $900000 payout from the SF Zoo for this incident and were involved in many incidents with law enforcement over the years. I hope the surviving brother gets his just deserts quickly too……..

  • andrew james

    We don’t have to treat animals like dirt or worse before we eat them. I think that some of the mistreatment of livestock and farm animals by their caretakers is proxy anger redirected at the hapless food sources. The guys who feed the turkeys and pigs get paid squat and their lives are probably sh*t. That’s probably why they kick the turkeys when they get to work.

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