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Obama EXPOSED in the IRISH Parliament by Clare Daly

[Ed. Note: Looks like Nigel Farage now has an ally in Ireland.]

from RP4409:

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7 comments to Obama EXPOSED in the IRISH Parliament by Clare Daly

  • DK

    Well spoken, but she is a socialist. So no viable solutions will come from that side even though her heart might be in the right place.

  • Sam Adam's Ghost

    If you go by their actions rather than their rhetoric, most in the US Congress are ‘socialists’ today. Its time for people to drop their knee jerk reactions to labels (and the instant shut down of thinking that comes with it). Its time for people to come together for common purposes. The so-called ‘left’ said they were against war when Bush was in office. What happened ? The ‘right’ now talks about the Constitution, when Bush trashed it. Drop the identification with ‘your team’. It is nothing but a tool for Divide & Conquer.

  • Hoser

    She has more balls than the so-called men in the room. Hats Off to her!

  • aa

    wow what a firebrand i wish we had more like her in usa. she reminds me of nigel farage lecturing a scowling parliament.


    Hoser, I caught that also. Those “capon roosters” were scruming!

  • Hman

    No comments needed, she nailed it.

  • As an Irishman living abroad I’m proud to see that there is at least ONE who is not having the Obama circus pull the wool over the sheeple eyes, good on ya girl it’s people like you that used to make Ireland great

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