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John Roberts Confronts McCain About Getting His Picture Taken With Syrian Kidnappers

[Ed. Note: John McCain cares about Syrian kids. A lot. Really. Believe him.]

from Fox News, via MichaelSavage4Prez:

Senator John McCain got in a bit of hot water recently when a photo posted during his trip to Syria revealed that the senator took a picture with two men believed to have been involved in the kidnapping of eleven people. Fox News Sunday guest host John Roberts brought this up during McCain’s appearance this morning, and asked him to explain the photo.

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5 comments to John Roberts Confronts McCain About Getting His Picture Taken With Syrian Kidnappers

  • dan

    then take all american leadership that agreees with you and stay over there….you have long ago stopped working for AMERICAN FREEDOM in and on this countries soil…you sir are a your oath of office and to this country…pow respect has long ago been depleted,by your votes and actions…imho

  • Eric

    Probably because he’s a sick twisted pedophile. Why do his eyes blink so much? Not human.

  • prestodo

    My question is this. How did McCain get into Syria if Syria is being attacked by fighters that are supported by the U.S.? Methinks something stinks.

  • jerry

    did I hear an answer ? or i wasnt listening .

  • TomChe

    I am sick to death of these politicians and their double speak. It’s time the citizens in this country start holding our voter fraud elected officials accountable. Let bring back the guillotines. Roll em out across the country and see the little mice scatter.

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