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by John Aziz, Azizonomics:

First, I want to congratulate the NSA-leaker Edward Snowden for his courage and the great service he has done to Americans and to the world in exposing the NSA’s PRISM surveillance programs. The man must have balls the size of basketballs, although perhaps letting the world know his location — in Hong Kong, territory controlled by the People’s Republic of China, another nation that runs its own share of online surveillance programs  — was unwise.

Some critics like the New York Times’ David Brooks say that what Snowden did was wrong, and that he showed a lack of respect for authority. It is certainly true that we live in an age where distrust of authority and the state has become commonplace. But perhaps that is only fair — after all, it is just ten years since the Iraq war, a war for which David Brooks was a cheerleader, wasted trillions of dollars of taxpayers’ money, and hundreds of thousands of lives chasing after so-called weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist.

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1 comment to On PRISM

  • rico

    Throw David Brooks in the same pot as David Cay Johnston, who said his college bound son was able to figure out that the income tax was legal and valid from a cursory review of the code. Please, these two Davids are ELITIST CHARLATANS and for Brooks to say that Snowden had no respect for authority is farcical. Snowden did the right thing and now we can all know we are being spied on and take the necessary precautions. FUCK YOU VERIZON.

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