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11 Silver Things You Need To Know About Silver Right NOW

from TruthNeverTold:

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3 comments to 11 Silver Things You Need To Know About Silver Right NOW

  • TomChe

    Good job Chris.

  • I’ve been in silver since $4.40 spot and a coin collector for decades so I’m pro silver and agree with most of your outlook. however it takes away from the message when you get facts wrong. the law was changed a few years ago so that ASEs can and are made from silver sourced outside the US. as to the SGR, to say that it will return to the natural ratio of in the ground recovery assumes that the demand for both metals is the same. I don’t think it is. that said an SGR of 20 or so I think is a reasonable expectation and would be fine with me even as I hold a bunch of gold.

  • Glitter 1

    Chris has it correct to a fault.The metric that guarantees the ascension of the silver price/value is it’s consumption/depletion.It is being consumed,used up,depleted at an alarming rate at the same time ore grades are diminishing.I’ve read the USGS report and I believe it is compelling.I’ve commented a number of times here on this blog that a 30-40 something could/will retire wealthy if they were to accumulate perhaps up to a couple thousand ounces of silver.The price suppression scheme will most like be the catalyst which eventually propels/catapults the silver price.
    Then again, F Zak says this silver sell-off will serve as a valuble lessen to the Silver Bugs/Investors for making the mistake of buying silver.
    I may not see an acute silver shortage and subsequent significant price ascension in my life time, but my children and grand children will I’m sure will be able to take avantage of the stash(outside of the banking system) I’ve set aside for them.

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