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Your Gov’t is Supporting THIS: CIA’s Heart Eating Cannibal Terrorist, Committed War Crimes Says UN

[Ed. Note: Warning – extremely graphic, despite being blurred.]

from Alexander Higgins:

After Time Magazine confirmed the authenticity of a video showing a CIA backed Syria terrorist calling for genocide and eating the heart out of a dead man the UN is calling for the act to be prosecuted as a war crime.

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1 comment to Your Gov’t is Supporting THIS: CIA’s Heart Eating Cannibal Terrorist, Committed War Crimes Says UN

  • Upstart

    The tradition of one ‘warrior’ eating the heart of another ‘warrior’ killed in battle goes back many thousands of years.

    The tradition has been seen, in various forms, in many regions of the ancient lands which we now call Europe, various regions of Africa, and various regions in both North and South America.

    It is very rare to see this these days, however I have heard of several modern day cases taking place in Sierra Leon (including the skinning alive of captured warriors), and also in Rwanda. There was unsupported sugeestions that this practice also took place in the Balkan conflict in the 1990’s.

    This is the first case with proof I have heard about in the Middle East since the Crusades, where mercenaries recruited under the ‘Christian’ banner alledgedly partook in this deed.

    It is a nasty, primitive, pagan, practice which has no place in the modern world, and clearly illustrates to any Muslim follower of the man in the video, that he is in fact a Pagan and not a Muslim. This may help disuade some of the young impressionable and dissillusioned Muslim men who join these ‘rebel’ groups to think again, and question what they are really getting involved in.

    The Anglo-American funded and supported war in Syria is now reaching such depths of depravity (murder of children, rapes of women and young boys alike, chemical weapon use, and scortched earth policies) it hardly comes as much suprise to see acts such as heart eating. At least the soldier was dead when his heart was cut from him.

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