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You Are The Hope

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,

Dear Readers:

If there is hope, you are it. You are motivated to find truth. You can think outside the box. You can see through propaganda. You are the remnant with the common sense that once was a common American virtue. You come to this site, because you get explanations that are not agenda-driven, that are not BS, that are not right-wing or left-wing, conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat. You get explanations based on my lifetime of unique education and experience. Some of you are young enough to be equipped with the energy and courage to organize whatever resistance there may be to the Gestapo State that is descending on the United States of America. This is your site. Support it.

Until the George W. Bush Regime, I never thought that it could happen here. I could not imagine law professors and Department of Justice (sic) officials writing legal memos justifying, in the name of a hyped “war on terror,” the termination of civil rights for United States Citizens. We were the land of the free. The Constitution was our bedrock. Yet, the Constitution and Bill of Rights were easily taken away from the inattentive American people.

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2 comments to You Are The Hope

  • NaySayer

    In my opinion, the federal government is gone, captured by the nwo globalist scum and focused on the east coast & the cities of Chicago & Denver. We need to focus our attention on our individual states, many of which are fighting back against the destruction of the right of habeus corpus which has been a right under the law since King John had the magna carta forced on him (you know, Richard the Lionhearted’s asshole little brother who also became king?, think Robin Hood movies, yeah that far back like the 1200s).

    Anti NDAA, pro 2nd amendment, pro freedom, pro america, pro constitution legislation is making it’s way through many state houses and if you don’t live in one of those states you should be looking into moving.

  • Upstart

    Outstanding article.

    I copy and print off very, very few articles, but I copied this one. I shall add it to my ‘wake up’ file – a compendium of short articles and introductory information I ‘leave around’ for friends and family to have a look through – in the hope that it may stimulate a bit of mental activity and independent thought.

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