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Yet Another Housing Crisis on the Horizon?

by George Leong, Investment Contrarians:

Home prices are heating up, as the flow of new homes and permits continue to steadily increase and the attraction of historically low mortgage rates motivates buyers.

The buyers that are driving up the housing market are not only the buyers of principal homes, but also the investors who are attracted to the relatively lower home prices and cheap financing.

What is interesting is that we are seeing major buying from not only the smaller investor who may dabble in an investment property, but also the large institutions and hedge funds that are getting into the swing of things, gobbling up hundreds and thousands of properties at lower prices.

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2 comments to Yet Another Housing Crisis on the Horizon?

  • Frank Zak

    The assumption that when interest rates
    go up, housing will
    go down, is naive to say the least.
    That is not the way it works
    at all. Interest rates could go
    to 7 % and houses still go up.
    Houses move up with inflation.

    A large portion of houses are
    being bought for all cash.

    There is hardly anything to buy
    for sale now.

    • Glitter 1

      There’s no Baby Boomer Generation(80 million) to contiually drive up home values.My nephew has 70k in college debt,the rest account for 1.1trillion in college debt.Who is going to buy all of the Boomer’s houses,not the indebted college grads!They will be renters not buyers.Renters need jobs to pay for rent too and there is no job growth as far as the eye can see.The US is only one stock market crash away from depression,which will kill what’s left of the middle class.The BRICS agreement will seal it.

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