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Worldwide ‘March Against Monsanto’ Protests Planned for May 25th

Countless individuals will soon assemble in small and large groups around the nation and the globe alike in protest against Monsanto’s genetic manipulation of the food supply.

by Anthony Gucciardi, Inelli Hub:

Organized under the May 25th movement known as the ‘March on Monsanto’, the massive new rally reveals how the grassroots public has truly had enough of Monsanto’s monopoly on the many staple crops that have quickly been sucked into Monsanto’s genetically modified tycoon.

It’s virtually impossible these days to enter a grocery store, even one bearing the title of ‘natural’, and not encounter at least a few items that contain genetically modified ingredients. And for quite some time, this fact was not even known to the large majority of the United States public. Many simply did not even know what a GMO was, or what it could potentially do to their bodies (or the bodies of the children who they were feeding with genetically engineered processed food).

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1 comment to Worldwide ‘March Against Monsanto’ Protests Planned for May 25th

  • Karma Respect

    The NWO smug elite want total control: As the High Level Satinist Kissinger put it, ‘control food and you control the people, control money and you control the world’. Perhaps Monsanto is the waking up call that will unite mankind against the vile and return us to the good, GMO appears the one thing that most people can identify with as not for their well being.

    Meanwhile for all of us here to ponder:

    If you are personally concerned about GMO foodstuff affecting your health and alert to GMO being a deliberate ploy to cause eventual fatal diseases with the intention of fulfilling a Kissinger dream of worldwide Sheeple population reduction the answer is simple, in order to stay safe – buy Koscher products

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