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World Gold Council HIDES Facts, HATES Gold

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

Part of the reason I’m running behind schedule today in terms of posting new material is that I lost a considerable of time this morning trying to FIND supply/demand data on the gold market at the World Gold Council’s website.

Until very recently; one obtained the supply/demand data from this quasi-official source by moving your cursor to the “Investment” tab on the WGC homepage. In the drop-down menu which then appeared, one would see the sub-tab for “Supply and Demand”. No longer.

Search high and low, and there is no way to directly access any supply/demand data on the gold market on the homepage of the “World Gold Council”… with one exception. The WGC does have a link to its quarterly “Gold Demand Trends”; which is nothing but short-term data, and “analysis” which always has a bearish, anti-gold bias. How did I eventually locate the information I wanted on the WGC site, when it could no longer be directly accessed? I first went to the “Investment” tab, and then selected the “Research” sub-tab.

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1 comment to World Gold Council HIDES Facts, HATES Gold

  • Frank Zak

    Everything is fundamentaly positive for gold.
    Even if it goes to $1,000, at least you know
    someday it must of necessity skyrocket.

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