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Will It Be Inflation Or Delfation? The Answer May Surprise You

from Economic Collapse Blog:

Is the coming financial collapse going to be inflationary or deflationary?  Are we headed for rampant inflation or crippling deflation?  This is a subject that is hotly debated by economists all over the country.  Some insist that the wild money printing that the Federal Reserve is doing combined with out of control government spending will eventually result in hyperinflation.  Others point to all of the deflationary factors in our economy and argue that we will experience tremendous deflation when the bubble economy that we are currently living in bursts.  So what is the truth?  Well, for the reasons listed below, I believe that we will see both.  The next major financial panic will cause a substantial deflationary wave first, and after that we will see unprecedented inflation as the central bankers and our politicians respond to the financial crisis.  This will happen so quickly that many will get “financial whiplash” as they try to figure out what to do with their money.  We are moving toward a time of extreme financial instability, and different strategies will be called for at different times.

So why will we see deflation first?  The following are some of the major deflationary forces that are affecting our economy right now…

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2 comments to Will It Be Inflation Or Delfation? The Answer May Surprise You

  • Newfie

    Am seeing deflation first hand now. Was at the grocery store the other day and 50+% of their items is slashed as much as 30-50%. Prices are so high that no one is buying at full price, there is no other choice than to slash prices to move products from store shelves. I for one wait for that moment then stock up.

  • NaySayer

    There is and has been real deflation in prices when priced in real money gold/silver.

    There is and continues to be real inflation when trying to buy with fiat currencies.

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