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White House Correspondents Dinner: Journalism in Decline

from breakingtheset:

Abby Martin takes a look at the 2013 White House correspondents dinner, highlighting corporate cronyism in Washington as the catalyst for the decline of American journalism.

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4 comments to White House Correspondents Dinner: Journalism in Decline

  • Rodster

    Welcome to the club, Abby, we’ve been keeping your seat warm. What took you so long to figure it out? 😉

    • Ed_B

      Lol… right on, Rodster. Fact is, journalism has been dead for about 20 years, so it is impossible for it to “decline”. Only the living can decline.

  • Wombats

    Abby, This is the reason that I and so many others are watching you and others in the alternative media instead of watching NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, etc. Thanks for providing news and perspective that is otherwise unavailable. Keep up the good work…Please.

  • Iguana Green

    Amen Abbey. But the majority has comfortably taken their places as slaves in a country that is blind to almost everything that matters to most.

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