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When the Fundamentals are Confusing

from Armstrong Economics:

Thank you for all the fan mail on the Dow to offset the hate mail on the metals. The objective is to expose the real world we live in and how domestic policy objectives are really held hostage to international capital flows. We are really trying hard to get everything up and running ASAP. Many are starting to realize why we were the largest institutional advisers ever. This is not about personal opinion. It is about monitoring the world and explore how it functions forgetting the nonsense of one dimensional relationships that always flip and fail anyhow. When you see the world as one entity, you are on your way to becoming a savvy investor.

The following is a passage from the updated Greatest Bull Market in History we hope to have out by the end of the year covering the evolutionary process. It has been extended dramatically expanding the time frame before and after. Here is a period where during the War the Fed was ordered by Congress to support the US debt at PAR despite the fact that inflation was soaring. This illustrates the problem with politicians. They try to have their cake and eat it too.

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