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What would a conversation with your future self be like?

from silverfish VT:

Just a thought exercise, if you could have a conversation with yourself in the future, how would it go? What advice would your future self give you?

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2 comments to What would a conversation with your future self be like?

  • JerGro

    I would say “These are the next numbers for the lottery.”

  • scott

    I hope my future self would say this:

    “Scott, you will be one of the very fortunate few when you arrive here in 15 years time because of your planning and forethought. Cashing out of your 401k and paying off the house when you did kept that money from being seized and now you live mortgage free. Keeping a bundle of cash on hand provided you the opportunity to scoop up some incredible bargain during the deflation, and your SLV stack maintained your purchasing power once the inflation began. You will be self sufficient when you get here yes, but be prepared for the heartbreak of seeing so many destitute. For they had not a clue”.

    That’s what I want to hear in 2028

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