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Watch: Former Teacher Speaks Out, “Everything I Loved About Teaching Is Extinct”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Parents aren’t the only ones fed up with the education system in America.

(via The Daily Sheeple):

Teachers often get a bad rap for the failure of America’s education system and its inferiority to the pedagogic successes of countries like China. But like many Americans who are nothing more than slaves to the mandates of the state, there are tens of thousands of teachers out there who are frustrated with the restrictions being placed on them through regulations and asinine policies.

Ellie Rubenstein is one such teacher. She’s dedicated the last 15 years to teaching her students how to be lifelong learners with an ability to think for themselves. The problem, says Rubenstein, is that her district, state and federal education boards care only about developing robotic myrmidons who follow official state-sponsored doctrines.

After years of struggle, Rubenstein called it quits. She created the I Quit You Can Fire Me channel on Youtube and publicly posted her resignation for her school board and community.

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1 comment to Watch: Former Teacher Speaks Out, “Everything I Loved About Teaching Is Extinct”

  • dunimir

    Again, according to the dominant teaching philosophy, i.e. the Marxist progressivism/constructivism you are NOT teachers, but only facilitators. So get educated so as to know what you are dealing with!

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