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Was ‘terrorist’ Buford Rogers actually being groomed as FBI informant?

from 21st Century Wire:

US federal law enforcement and justice departments facing a few credibility issues of late, in part due to that new habit in Washington of overstating and trying squeeze that extra mileage out of all things ‘terror’.

If it wasn’t bad enough to witness an all-time low point in legal history, where Eric Holder and Department of Justice officially relabeled the common kitchen pressure cooker as a “Weapon of Mass Destruction” (a cynically corrupt legal ploy to force their suspect to plead guilty and thus never present any evidence in court), then came this….

The FBI felt the need for extra recognition this week by announcing in the national media that they had foiled another “terror plot” in Montevideo, Minnesota. Once you look into this case, the wind immediately begins to empty from the federal sails. It turns out that they only managed to charge their man, 24 year old trailer park icon, Buford ‘Bucky’ Rogers, with “felon in a possession of a firearm”.

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