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Universal Basic Income Promotion Hits the Washington Post

from The Daily Bell:

Thinking Utopian: How about a universal basic income? … In light of the recent Oregon Medicaid study, several people have discussed the idea of taking parts of the social insurance system and replacing them with cash benefits. This naturally brings up the debate about whether it should be a policy goal for the United States to adopt a universal basic income (UBI). These poverty-level targeted incomes are universal and unconditional, so everyone would get them regardless of their income, status or work participation. Wonkblog’s Dylan Matthews wrote an overview of universal basic incomes and some proposals for such a system last year. – Washington Post

Dominant Social Theme: National Socialist solutions are the genuine voice and will of the people. Nothing about them is premeditated.

Free-Market Solutions: We long ago identified the anti-usury/pro-central banking movement as part of a larger globalist messaging. Now it’s hitting the big time – see above excerpt … For lack of a better descriptive phrase, we have called it the “paper money hoax,” and unsurprisingly, we have been relentlessly attacked by those who have adopted it.

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