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U.S. culture war brewing as backlash grows against socialism, gun control and attacks on American values

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

As the Obama administration continues its attempted cultural purge of conservativism, gun owners and anyone who practices religion, there is a massive underground backlash that’s building up steam and may be nearing the stage of revolt.

This article is a tour of several astonishing recent poll results and statistics that paint a picture of an armed cultural backlash taking shape in America. It’s off the radar of the mainstream media because the media doesn’t want to acknowledge the reality of what’s happening. But beneath the surface, a cultural backlash is seething, fed up with the criminal occupation of America by anti-freedom socialists and Marxists who are quite literally working to destroy the U.S. economy and cultural conservatism.

Regardless of where you stand on the Obama Administration or even being “progressive” vs. “conservative,” this cultural backlash needs to be on your radar because it leads to a boiling point that may bring America to the brink of civil war.

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4 comments to U.S. culture war brewing as backlash grows against socialism, gun control and attacks on American values

  • CalSailX

    It’s not a backlash it’s the American People demanding reinstatement of Rule of Law, we the law abiding folks have been getting more and more upset with he’s more equal then I in the eyes of the court.

    Money doesn’t make right, anymore then a well placed bullet makes right! We have courts where men of honor should be able to settle their differences without violence. If the courts can no longer function because some men are more equal then others, perhaps we need to reintroduce dueling.

    President of the corporation that violates me can meet me on the field of honor, let them earn that million dollar bonus.

  • Eric

    People getting sick of tyranny…go figure.

  • NaySayer

    While it is true that the culture has been dumbed down to the lowest possible depths of moronic trash, it isn’t necessarily a completely cultural thing. I do not consider myself conservative except fiscally, certainly not when it comes to civil rights and equality or the government staying out of our bodies, bedrooms, doctor’s offices and marriages.

    This has to do with totalitarianism pure and simple. I don’t care if the dictator is communist, fascist, or just a plain old fashioned banana republic el presidente they are all bad. We are getting a new royalty & aristocracy of money & power that want to put us all back on the slave plantation as serfs. Bound to the land and to obey our masters who we are supposed to think are better than us. They are psychotic inbred freaks and they need to be put back in their (no doubt luxurious private) mental hospitals.

  • Glitter 1

    Their goal is the creation of “Plato’s Republic” where there are three classes, Gold,Silver and Bronze.The Elites are the Gold followed by the Silver (government/political)who’s sole purpose is to carry out the dictates/protection of the Gold. Lastly you have the Bronze (grunts/workers/serfs).

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