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Track Officials Disqualify High School Runner for Thanking God

Critics say official ruling impedes free exercise of religion

by Adan Salazar, InfoWars:

A Texas high school track team was prevented from advancing to the state finals after the student who landed first place in the boys 4×100-meter relay pointed towards the sky in a gesture of faith, prompting the team’s disqualification.

In a perverted interpretation of a rule governing high school sports, which prohibits any excessive celebration, relay anchor Derrick Hayes’ act of lifting his finger by his ear and pointing to the heavens was deemed to be a gaudy celebratory motion, on par with dancing or spiking a football in the end zone.

Last week’s controversial judgment has members of the community and critics alike asking if the rule is a violation of the First Amendment, which prohibits the making of laws impeding the free exercise of religion.

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4 comments to Track Officials Disqualify High School Runner for Thanking God

  • Rodster

    Next time just say allah akbar and they’ll let you slide.

  • dan

    the raised middle finger to those that demand compliance to ‘their’ rules….however they see fit…

  • NaySayer

    This seems rather over the top. Would they have stopped a catholic from crossing himself? I’ve seen runners in the olympics do that before a race, so what? I think that this was stupid and is going to result in a lawsuit from by ACLU.

  • satan sayan

    Freedom of religious exporession banned now? Unless of course you’re a jew. Then you do what you want and scream antisemite lawsuit whenever you dont get your way. Want to bet the ref who made this call was a jew? 100 to 1 bet on it

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