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Time for Russia to make a stand

It’s time for Russia to make a stand. Now or never. Russia’s future is at stake just as much as the future of others.

from Press TV:

In August, 2008 the Russians were happily asleep dreaming of holding hands with the West. The dream allowed for the weakening, even smashing, of Islamic states but at least it up held the independence of Russia.

The dream was rudely shattered when Georgia, egged on by Americans and Israelis, launched a sudden, brutal attack on the enclave of South Ossetia which, ethnically, culturally and linguistically, is naturally allied with North Ossetia. In effect, it was an aggressive Western, even NATO, operation pushing as far as it could into the borders of Russia.

Not believing that the West would ever do such a thing, the Russian reaction was slow in coming. When it did come, however, it was effective.

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