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Three things to know in the event of martial law or invasion

by Molon Labe (Gabriel), The Daily Sheeple:

Three things we should know in the event of home invasions during possible government takeover (Marshal Law) or Economic Collapse such as the one that is knocking at our door right now.

1. The first thing and one of the most important things – DO NOT PANIC. Panic serves two things. First it is a tool used to catchyou off guard so that you are not where you should be and the other is meant to instills in us a since of false hope. I put this first on the list because it is the first offensive push, be it civilian or military; that they will attempt to try.

Let me give an example of a push for panic by our Government right now. I speak of course of Gun Control. There is a reason that Biden went on National TV and announced the Government’s intention for Gun control and possible confiscation. It wasn’t about the guns; it was never about the guns. It was about the ammunition. While everyone scrambled in PANIC MODE to buy up all of the guns they could possibly have, the government was working in the back ground buying up all of the powder, casings, and overall materials to make ammunition.

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