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The Terrorists Won in Boston ~ Video

by Jeff Knox, AmmoLand:

That demented, hate-filled terrorists could build bombs and detonate them in a crowded public place should not have come as news to anyone. That’s what terrorists have been doing around the world for decades – centuries. That it could be done in the US by people we had welcomed with open arms, should also have been no surprise.

Islamist extremists have been promising, and perpetrating attacks in the US since the 1970s.

Other extremists, from anarchists, to White supremacists, to Puerto Rican separatists, to anti-abortion activists, to radical leftists have perpetrated acts of terror on our soil since the foundation of the republic. Indeed, American revolutionaries of the 1700s were considered terrorists by the British. The use of violence as a means of advancing a social or political goal is as old as society itself. How it is remembered generally depends on who wins and is around to write the history. Nonetheless acts of terror, particularly when perpetrated against civilians, generally backfire and engender hate and loathing for the assailant’s cause rather than sparking the desired changes in policy.

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