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The State Department Lobbies on Behalf of Monsanto and GMOs

from Silver Underground:

The crony food mega-corporation Monsanto is reviled by organic food activists across the United States. Many believe that their GMO crops are unsafe, and, due to the wealthy company’s investments into the campaign funds of politicians, politically-appointed regulators tend to give Monsanto a little more regulatory “benefit of the doubt” than they give to the local family farm.

Furthermore, Russia Today is reporting that WikiLeaks caught the State Department using taxpayer funds to send connected GMO lobbyists to other countries to lobby on behalf of their private international business interests. In related news about a case called Bowman v Monsanto, the Supreme Court ruled against a local farmer for using Monsanto-designed seeds, which he received in a basket of different grains from a third party, without paying “seed royalties,” despite the fact that he signed no agreement to pay additional fees to Monsanto. Does the US government work for the people or has it become a de facto contractor for Monsanto and other GMO food corporations?

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