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The Secret of the Jodi Arias Murder Case You Won’t Hear on TV

from MarkDice:

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6 comments to The Secret of the Jodi Arias Murder Case You Won’t Hear on TV

  • johns

    WHY DON’T YOU CONCENTRATE YOUR EFFORTS ON………..BENGHAZI you smuck. Who gives a shit about any other event RIGHT NOW ??????????

    Or should I ASK, WHO SHOULD????????

    Save your “valuable contribution” for another appropriate time.

    Thanks DICE.

  • chris

    good video mark… maybe eleven minutes too long, but good, thanks.

  • Vanessa

    There he goes again! Eleven minutes of insulting people! How in the world does he expect to wake anyone up by calling names and mocking?? Oh wait, maybe he doesn’t expect to wake anyone up. Perhaps he is just another govt. paid shill who gets out there with a youtube channel, gets on Foxnews occasionally (hint hint) and drives everyone away from the truth with his bad attitude. Can you imagine anyone who watched the Jodi Arias trial saying to themselves after this tirade, “gee, he’s right, I AM A MORON.” I’ve said it a million times but here it goes again, YOU CATCH MORE FLIES WITH HONEY THAN YOU DO WITH VINEGAR. Hey Mark, I really hope those govt. paychecks you are receiving really warm your heart. God have mercy on you.

  • delllat

    Mark you must also be a S#7%BAG also because you got arrested for stupidity.!

    I guess you got your N!99@ Pass

    By the way here is a N!99@ Song for you. LOL
    They got a pass.

    This is what happens when you get a N!99@ Pass. You get treated like a N!99@!!!

  • Sayldog

    Let the Dude RANT.
    If you don’t like it don’t watch it.
    His point is valid and it sticks.

  • ivan

    I only saw the trial for few minutes on how she was speaking to her boyfriend about suck his and ………over the phone before he got murdered, killed. Well I did wonder why this was a such a big deal. And i think mark is on to something here, just not worth the 11 minutes of my time, maybe 3….5 tops.

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