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THE POINT OF NO RETURN: A Fallout Among Thieves

This is a must listen 30-minute world events update with Harley Schlanger, historian and national Spokesperson for LaRouchePAC. Harley gives us good news about the progress of reimplementing the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act in the United States, where 20 States have introduced legislation to tie the Banksters down and prevent further crimes against humanity. Harley tells us that as the criminality continues and deepens, there is a fracture among the criminals – a fallout among thieves. The system is crumbling, and it’s up to WE THE PEOPLE to save ourselves and take our system back. We also cover the Pentagon re-writing the Constitution, the false right-left paradigm which motors tyranny and the crimes of Barack Obama, a most impeachable President. Harley invites you to e-mail him if you want to discuss ways to take ACTION: [email protected]

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38 comments to THE POINT OF NO RETURN: A Fallout Among Thieves

  • rich

    South Florida Water Management District agreed to $26 million Mecca land buy before learning of $15 million appraisal

    The district’s land purchasing practices have drawn complaints of cronyism and criticized by its inspector general for years. As the agency responsible for restoring the Everglades, the district purchased $1 billion in land over the last two decades.

    A Post investigation in 2012 revealed deals in which the district paid millions of dollars above the appraised value for one property owned by a close friend of a top administrator and another owned by the family of Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, who was a congressman at the time.

    The Florida Department of Environmental Protection implemented guidelines in July recommending that the state’s five water management districts not pay more than 90 percent of the appraised value for land. Barnett did not inform the district board about the recommendation. The district’s offer is 100 percent of the county’s higher appraisal and 124 percent of the $21 million appraised value determined by its own independent appraiser.

    At the May 7 board meeting, Daniel O’Keefe, the new chairman of the district board, voted against the $26 million offer, saying he wanted more information.

    “We’re stewards of the taxpayers’ dollars and we’re responsible for that,” O’Keefe said. “In my opinion, we can’t spend more than the appraised value for the property.”

    But board member Glenn Waldman, a Broward County attorney, recommended making the $26 million offer: “I would go back to the county and say, we’ll accept your appraisal and not a penny more.”

    The nine governing board members either declined to be interviewed or did not respond to request for interviews. After learning of the undisclosed appraisal, O’Keefe referred all questions to the district’s spokesman, Randy Smith. In responding to a written request for comment from Melissa Meeker, the district’s executive director, Smith replied that Barnett’s comments represent the district’s comments.

    talking about criminality………….

  • Jim

    These banker jerks and politicians are NOT obeying the existing law. WHY WOULD THEY OBEY SOMETHING NEW???…OR SOMETHING OLD THAT IS RE-INTRODUCED??? We are past the point of trying to fix this system with more laws. The real issue in the USA is moral. One of two things is about to happen…1) some sort of armed rebellion…or 2) a supernateral intervention.

    • jeff

      Exactly right. It’s magical thinking to believe that passing a “law” can fix the mess we are in. People should think about how we got here and that will mean a little introspection.

  • Joanne

    This interview is most informative, on a number of different fronts. There has to be an organized concerted effort from Americans from every state in the union to force accountability on the reigning tyranny…AND IT IS TYRANNY of this administration. Pleading ignorance on every issue is apparently the response “carte du jour” dished out by these holier than thou criminals. A few scattered concerned members of the citizenry will have no effect… By finding illegal ways to stop 501c3 & 4’s applications, and targeted IRS audits, this bunch of IRS thugs in D.C. found a way to literally cripple the efforts of conservatives, namely the Tea Party, and other liberty minded, ordinary, lawful tax paying men and women of this nation. The plan was to shut them up and financially ruin some of them. You rob and strip the pockets of your opponents…game over. I agree with the poster, Jim,….it may be too late, and 1 & 2 may be the ultimate result.

  • harman kardon

    Yet another insightful, awesome interview. Thank goodness, Mr. Schlanger is as forthcoming as he is the info and his willingness to take action and be part of the solution and not just a keyboard commando.

  • Krow!

    Im glad you have continued interviews/discussions with Harley…..he is top-notch. Who knows, maybe some day he will replace Lyndon LaRouche as the top dog, and then put his sights on Washington…….and the “Real” change that America MUST have.

    Kaaaaaaa! saith the Krow

  • Tom G.

    I too thought that was really an excellent interview. Mr. Schlanger, to my mind, has the unique ability to pass on his well-informed thoughts to listeners without sounding like the usual “expert.” In other words, he is a real boots-on-the-ground type of guy. A Colonel or General who is actually informed and leading the troops. He is right there with you in the mist of the real fighting.

    I think we have to try to do what we can while the system is still in place as echoed by SGT and Schlanger. Therefore, yes, Glass Steagall, or some new form of it, should be attempted to be implemented. The only thing I would shoot for though is that somehow the toxic junk that is on those banks should be grandfathered in or we will still be screwed with that stuff. Having said that, I think, as some of the above poster mentioned, those derivatives are still going to bring the system down regardless of what banking laws are implemented going forward.

    The way this corrupt system operates, you know they will implement something like Glass Steagall AFTER everything blows up. You know, we couldn’t see it coming (again).

    I think some people are starting to come around to my view that this whole thing is going to take more time to collapse than previously thought. Thus, we have more time to prepare mentally, spiritually, emotionally, economically, etc., and we have the opportunity to try to wake people up as it becomes more and more obvious the system is corrupt. We must do the best we can with the time we have.

    Godspeed everyone.

  • John

    Fractional reserve banking is a fraud, so we’ll stick with it, yeah great!! Let’s remain slaves to the banksters.. The entire system has to go!!

  • NaySayer

    These people are out there working for some good, but I think it is far too late because the federal government is far too corrupt and owned by the banksters Rockefeller/Rothschild and their minions to be fixed.

    It is a zombie government and it will only continue on the way it has since their 9/11 false flag instituted the most swift and incredible decline in the rule of law in America, something I never thought could happen.

    It is all about free states v. slave states now. The United states is dead. Long live the new freedom people are gearing up to fight for out in the body of the country. Glass steagall is nice, but it isn’t the freaking holy grail. It won’t fix everything and it won’t get rid of the federal reserve banking cartel.

  • Keith

    While I completely agree with the principle of Glass-Steagal, it seems to me like shutting the proverbial door after the horse has bolted. The damage has already been done, I’m afraid; the cupboard has already been looted. To pass it again at this stage, while I would support it, seems almost like nostalgia.

  • Jacobson

    The supreme leader of Iran tells the world what the europians are :

    • Jacobson

      it’s that video :

      • WALDO

        Perhaps they are trying to avoid the much more civilized Israeli & Western cultures

        Gay Pride Parade, Tel Aviv, Israel

        • Jacobson

          What are you trying to say ? that Israelis are tolerant ?
          I have no problems with gay people – do you ?

          I was angry when the gay parade arrived to Jerusalem beacuse it hurt feelings of religious people (muslims,jews and christians) .
          But in all other places it’s ok .

          Israel is one of the best places for gays in the world ,
          There’s a big gay tourism in Israel …

          So you hate gays too ?
          Who else ?

          • Jacobson

            You have just showed you TRUE FACE .

            • WALDO


              I just curious, I have heard you say you are a Jew of Arab decent therefore a true Semite. How do you reconcile your khazarian masters who radiated nearly 100,000 Arab Jewish children? I am referring to Operation Ringworm of course.

              Are the welfare benefits the American taxpayers provide you so comforting as to rationalize the murder of your own family?

              • Jacobson

                First of all , I don’t have any masters .
                The only master for me is the creator or nature , the one that has no definition , has no begining and no end (or whatever you call it).
                I follow only what my heart is telling me and the instructions of the Torah for the benefit of myself and the people around me .

                Operation wingworm was against many people around the world and not only arab jews .
                The government of Israel did alot of mistakes and crimes against jews and muslims .
                I know many kind of discriminations the arab jews sufferd from in the first years of Israel .

                Generally speaking , the leaders of Israel , till this day are europian jews .
                Israel never had an arab jew prime minister , or faces of arab jewish poets on the bank notes .
                But now things are different …
                Arab jews outnumber europian jews ,
                the mainstream music and culture is getting more more semitic-medeterian and less europian .

                I never judge someone according to his religion or origins but according to who he is . I don’t care what your parents are but I do care who you are (again,thats how judaism guide me).
                I told you before that it doesn’t matter europian/arab/ethiopian/chinese jew … a jew is a jew if he follow judaism .
                A zionist is a jew that can’t/don’t want to follow the rules/morals of judaism (indeed its a demanding and endless work) but he will tell you ‘I’m a jew’ .
                And that’s why you see “jews” like Rothschild that will tell you they are “jews” while they are chewing pork and charge interests for lawns …
                The main idea of zionism is not to control the world but to destroy the jewish faith and identity beacuse its their biggest barrier on the way to control .

              • John Adams

                Wow Jacobson’s purpose is to deflect the pressure away from the true “Jewish” supremacy to “Zionist” supremacy.

                It is a Jewish Agenda and Zionism is just another one of their tools like Marxism etc.

                As they say “divide and conquer”. But anyone interested in the truth should not stop at Zionism, you must go further… read the talmud, it is the basis for what you are seeing today. It is a Satanic set of books written by the Satanic Rabbi’s that encourages all kinds of things everyone would be totally shocked by. This is the real Agenda this is the Real Judaism.

                Do not be fooled. The Agenda is a Jewish one.

              • WALDO

                Well said john, Even the Torah promotes Jewish supremacy, it is not just the Talmud Torah Jews vs Talmud Jews is another divide tactic.

  • Francisco Scaramanga

    What goods a law that was repelled right at the very moment it was needed. The bankers threatened marshall law and to crash the stock market 4 years ago if they didn’t get their bailout. They can crash the entire western economy with their derivatives now, at any time they feel like it. Reinstating Glass Steagal would be like pumping gallons of blood into a patient, while a bankers sitting on his chest stabbing him with a knife. The BRICS nations know what’s coming and are getting prepared by buying as much gold as they can lay their hands on.

  • Adriana

    I’m agree whith anything can restore the constitution, the truly fight is individual and collectibly organize, our division make us to lost this strength, and think you are useless because you are alone, they have power and everything what you can do? , ha…. This the way almost everybody think but One action or one thinking change the world, we need to have responsibilities and prepare for the worst doing what we can until the battlefield is clear, God knows everything and we need to be inform and cautious ,he will lead to us we need to trust in him , what do you think Jesus will do now? do you think will be quiet and bow to the system NO! HE will be the leader of us no matter what happen because he know the true is always the only way we will prevail and doing the correct thing is show what side you are ligth or dark, we are facing dangerous time we need to be wear the jesus armor and be ready.
    Shan, thanks like always great interview, you always inspire me, thanks to all your team God bless you.. Love and peace.

  • Ed_B

    “…and the crimes of Barack Obama, a most impeachable President.”

    Obama is the worst president in US history and yet somehow managed to win re-election. If he can be re-elected, it will be impossible to impeach him. Defeating him at the polls is FAR easier than winning a Senate conviction, yet that did not happen. The Dems have already stated, via their actions if not their words, that NO Dem will EVER be convicted by a Dem-held Senate, no matter what he does. This is so because they value their political power FAR more than they value the health and welfare of this great nation.

    • Karma Respect

      How about Biden recently advocating a new world order? advocating for Gun Control? Biden the holder of dual passports? VICE president of VICE and should Obama be impeached the Israeli Commander in Chief of the USA.

      For millennia most of us have held the natural view of the family as the basis of society. (1.5 million people in paris marched in opposition but still the French NAZI government parties voted in favor) UK passed the same laws as a matter of national urgency this week against total popular opposition. Next it will be mandated NWO religion to allow marriage between circumcised dogs, grandfather and grandson or grandmother and granddaughter to make our society more jewish and liberal.

      Biden: Jewish Leaders Drove Gay Marriage Changes

      By JOSH LEDERMAN Associated Press
      WASHINGTON May 22, 2013 (AP)
      Vice President Joe Biden is praising Jewish leaders for helping change American attitudes about gay marriage and other issues.

      Biden says culture and arts change people’s attitudes. He cites social media and the old NBC TV series “Will and Grace” as examples of what helped changed attitudes on gay marriage.

      Biden says, quote, “Think — behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.”

      Biden says the influence is immense and that those changes have been for the good.

      Biden was speaking Tuesday night at a Jewish American Heritage Month reception hosted by the Democratic National Committee. He says Jewish values are an essential part of who Americans are.

      More From ABC News

      • Guerilla Radio

        Government has no business sanctioning any relationship between consenting adults. I have plenty of gay friends and family members, and I’m happy they can choose to be with whomever they choose. That is what freedom is all about. This is not about destroying the family, but rather gaining some political points with libs while they fail in all of the areas that really matter (economy, wars, corruption). This idea that we need the government to tell us what relationships we can enter into is beyond appalling.


    The truth does not fear investigation.

    The Holohoax was another stepping stone to the Jew World order.


    At one time in history the Catholics presented an opposition to Jewish malevolence
    as did the Lutherans they have since been co-opted,

    I left the church. Anyone who wants freedom must choose who they follow wisely. Personally I believe in following your heart & the wisdom God has gifted us with. Christian zionist stooges need to learn this simple Truth.

  • Jacobson

    I really cant understand your obsession ,
    It looks like this website is getting more and more radical beacuse of your comments .
    While you focus your hatred against jews , the rest of the world marked U.S as the responsible for the economic crash , corporations , military control etc .
    Your actions will effect you in the end …
    The way youll treat jews and other ethnic groups in US , is exactly the way the world will treat US .

    So lets say for a second that you are right and the talmud bla bla , jew world order , jew-deal , jewish control …
    Who said that ?
    The sons of GREAT SATAN …

    A two edged sword is in your hand …

    • John Adams

      Jacobson, I am not sure who exactly your question was directed to. But I’m happy to answer you.

      Yes, you and I both know the truth and we both know that each of us know it. My actions “may” affect me in the end, depending on what the end is. See you think you know what the “end” is, that part is yet to be written.

      Two edged sword? No, the Talmud is the work of Satan, you are mistaken and attempting to use a ‘double bind’ but it won’t work because your words are false. Sons of Satan are the Jews…. Go to the a real bible… and read… because your very words are a self condemnation…
      Revelation 2:9 Revelation 3:9 John 8:44

      I’ve written you a reply on the other page… (here’s it below)

      Do you think you know your destiny? Well don’t be so sure, you’ve been lied to, what you think you know is wrong and your kind would turn on any of their own kind at anytime. Even if your heavy indoctrination doesn’t allow you to believe it at first because you think you are running with the winning pack. But here’s the thing, inside you know I’m speaking the truth and do not lie, so I am telling you the truth, you’ve been lied to as well what you think is real, isn’t. What you believe you know is not real (you know what i mean).

      You know your kind thinks they are so clever deceiving others but it’s clear to see that the deception continues even amongst yourselves because your so called “cleverness” makes you arrogant and blind to how Jews are being played by the higher ups that do exist and the even greater evil. But I am sure you know this already… When the time comes remember that you have been told. So you have a choice because it is possible to redeem your soul and you need to turn from the evil.

      The awakening is continuing and so should you.

      • Jacobson

        I never said I know what the “end” is but I see where the wind blows .
        My people say that a wise man is someone that can infer from the process to the outcome .
        All the things I said are beacuse of my experience in the REAL world , not from the web or from the filters of the media (and every media has filters)
        I speak with arabs and jews , I live in the middle east , I see what is really going on – You can take my perspective (agree or disagree) and learn or you can bash .

        Tell me please , how blind you are to blame me that I think I’m in the “winning pack” and few words after you say “my bible is real and yours is false” ?
        My parents didn’t teach me that christians and muslims are wrong and only the jews have the “real thing” .
        Is that what your new tastement tells you ? that you are right and the jews are wrong and therefore they are the sons of the devil ?
        I know it’s only your vicious interpretation beacuse I met good guys who doesn’t look it that way …
        Redeem my soul ? you mean to convert from judaism to christianity ?
        Wow! what are you the MISSIONary ? you want all the people to follow you ?
        Can’t you accept different cultures ? religions ? languages ?
        And again , judaism tells me that there are different people and they can believe what ever they want , I don’t have to run after people to walk in my path …

        I know my history and that’s why I can infer and forsee my destiny .
        Nothing is for sure ofcurse …
        My culture is hundred times more ancient than yours , it has thousand times more books and coped through turbulent history that your people haven’t experienced yet …
        I won’t be able to comment your racist crap in the next 24 hours beacuse it’s Shabbat and I’m not using electricity …
        eco judaism , that’s a blip .

        • John Adams

          By no means am I a missionary however I do know that you must reject evil at least for a chance at redeeming your soul.

          We are both fully aware of the hate of the contents of the Talmud.

          Again I bring you back to point that you have consistently ignored. The Talmud is Judaism and is a major part of the indoctrination of Jews. It is a hate and very racist manual for Jews.

          Another cheap tactic of yours is to attempt to characterize me by saying..
          “Can’t you accept different cultures ? religions ? languages ?”

          Actually I speak 3 languages (plus bits and pieces) for example and have lived in 4 countries and traveled to 15 countries and still counting. I want peace for the people of this planet and totally against evil in any form. It is the Jews that practice, promote and worship evil. The evil the world is experience is that of the Jewish Agenda and we all know it, it is undeniable, the evidence is all there.

          See your tactic is to call others racist and hateful when the irony is that it’s you and your fellow Jews that are the racist. Anyone can google “TALMUD TRUTH” and investigate it to see it for themselves.

          Do Swahli people control the planet? Surely it’s them, right? No?
          Then it must be the Kenyans right? No… hmmm…
          What about Tibetian? No….???
          We could go on… but you’ll find the majority of the world knows it’s the Jews without any of the copious evidence that exists that makes it irrefutable. People know.

          Nothing you or your lackies that are attempting to characterize the debate here or channel opinion are going to change that. We know why you have been assigned to this site and you are failing miserably. It gives the people that want peace and who are filled with love an opportunity to expose your lies and deciet, we put the truth out there.

          (to readers: we are telling you to research, something Jacobson and his ilk will never ask you to do… why? because they want to control opinion and stop you from seeing the very unsavory truth).

          Jacobson, you claim your people have gone through so much more… what BS! All of humanity’s genetic material is as old as each others… yours is as old as mine. All of humanity has survived against the old. You and your phony stories of that you think gives you some kind of superiority is simply rubbish. You’ve been exposed. The truth about the Talmud has been exposed. Judaism is Satanism and you are lying through your teeth because you know I speak the truth.

          Also I stand against evil so yes I reject evil and stand to expose it. So no I do not passively accept everything. I stand here in peace and love and will continue to speak the truth no matter how you attempt to falsely portray me.

          Remember folks the GOOGLE: “Talmud Truth” and investigate, I assure you I have not lied or spouted any hatred on this site. I have and continue to speak the truth and expose Jacobson and the very real and evil Jewish Agenda. Look around you see who is behind anything you think is wrong in the world and find out, you’ll quickly see for yourself the truth.

          Jacobson you fail again.

    • Jeff

      You are right, this website is becoming radical. Not by the content that SGT presents, but by the comments of a few. No matter what the subject is, the same few folks are persistent in spewing racism and hatred towards their fellow man. I’m appalled by the fact this is allowed to continue here. I would be embarrassed and ashamed. I stop by much less nowadays and there is always the same radical idiots posting the same rhetorical garbage about Jews and Zionism. That is human nature, it is much easier to be hateful than to be polite and considerate. Opinions are one thing, but talking out of your ass is another. I suspect there are some major mental conditions that need some attention. I cannot come up with any other explanation for the filthy, gross content and propaganda. In fact I’m disappointed in myself for giving these comments any consideration. But I’ve always been an advocate of helping others, that is part the goodness I have have by free will, and some of the folks here need to seek mental wellness and stop trying to drown themselves and others in bullshit…….

      • John Adams

        Jeff, nothing you can say is going to stop people from waking up.

        People are going to continue to seek out the truth and find out who and what is behind the evil that we see in the world. This site is a great place for people to learn about what is going on and is for the “early” awakers.

        The posters on here that are exposing the Jewish Agenda have become more advanced in their knowledge and are here to help others accelerate their learning by peacefully and lovingly showing them the truth and beckoning them to do the necessary investigation to find out for themselves the reality.

        We are growing in numbers rapidly. We know the truth and it’s being spread very rapidly throughout the internet. You cannot change that no matter how hard you try. Even people that are simply curious will quickly discover that Judaism is Satanism and it is the Jewish Agenda that is responsible for the main evil within the world.

        Acting as an antagonist will only serve as a catalyst to super charge our message and expose your tactics. You should know that.

  • Karma Respect

    To purposely destroy the morals of society it is necessary to promote laws that degrade the status of the family. It started with male Chauvinist Pigs to intimidate women that choose to educate and provide for their children at home. Marital breakdown increased exponentially. Then it was suddenly cool to be gay and this was fostered and promoted by jew tv. Now gay marriage all of a sudden is the flavor, what benefit to society, what role model to society, what message to children, why create conflict for our churches unless NWO designed to break down the status of the family and corrupt the innocence of our children.

    Enjoy your queer friends, join them if that is what you want but please consider the implications of imposing such morals on society and children. Pity perhaps that your parents were not gay as then you would not spin the lie.

    The state should uphold the highest moral standards or we end up with tyranny.

  • John

    Off topic…
    Seeds Of Death – Full Movie

  • Karma Respect

    People act from a religious belief and at present that belief is communism or socialism to make it somehow sound different from the Soviet era. Religious belief is entirely different from spiritual enlightenment which is the freedom we all seek but the teacher has not appeared so we must be patient at this time.

    The religion of communism is without God and so is based on a lie. If the Jew was honest with himself he would see that God cannot be Exclusive and so his prayer is 100% communist and based on a lie. If the Muslim was honest with himself he would see that God is Good is communist and based on a lie as God can be neither Good nor Evil. If the Christian was honest with himself he also would understand that it is a communist lie to divide between two Opposing Testaments and refuse the essential teaching which is Christ’s Sermon on the Mount conveniently not followed by the organized Christian churches.

    Somehow the Jew, the Muslim, the Christian and the Atheist have lost their way, the followers of Zion and the Masonic orders have led us on a path of dualism which is rich and poor, power and servitude. The founding fathers lived in a profound era when they framed the Constitution to ensure that whenever things went too extreme it could revert to the mean by heeding the universal truths enshrined. Nothing to do with communism and everything to do with freedom.

    The state should uphold the highest moral standards or we end up with tyranny.

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