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The Next American Disaster Is Coming — Here’s Your Plan

by David Goodboy, Wealth Wire:

There’s a disaster just waiting to happen in America.

No, I am not talking about a natural disaster, government collapse or anything like that. In fact, this is a subtle, slow-moving type of disaster that will catch many off guard. Even more will choose to ignore the clear signals until it’s too late.

I first noticed the faint signs of the pending American disaster on one of my many trips to the Deep South. I enjoy driving, even prefer it to flying. Visiting small towns, tasting the local cuisines and hobnobbing with the locals makes any journey nearly as much fun as the destination.

What caught my attention is the growing number of elderly folks working at Starbucks, Wal-Mart, fast-food restaurants and other entry-level places of employment. I know these jobs are usually staffed by young to early middle-age people just starting out or starting over.

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3 comments to The Next American Disaster Is Coming — Here’s Your Plan

  • garden gal

    Are you serious? More governmental intervention? “As a free-market proponent, I am usually averse to government meddling in the economy. However, in this case, some regulatory changes are needed to soften the coming crisis.”

    He wants the government to “allow” us by regulation to increase the amount of money we put into a system that is corrupt beyond measure and will confiscate any wealth we put in there! As we saw with MF global, if you invest your money in this system, it can be stolen, and no one goes to jail. No, this lawless paradigm is shifting and that old formula for wealth doesn’t work any more. “If you don’t have it in your possession and can’t guard it yourself, its not yours” (Ann Barnhardt, who has been harkening to all to “get out” of this corrupt system for years now). And remember all the alarms being sounded about the nationalization of retirement assets or forcing them into bonds in order to loot the populace. No “retirement accounts ” are safe any more.

  • De the phat win

    Certainly people should save money and invest it wisely.

    However, with low interest rates and inflation being higher than the interest rates, you lose money. Second, why invest in a rigged market? First, when the Fed takes away the punch bowl, both bond and stock market folds. Second, have we forgotten about rehypothecation with MF Global and PFGBEST?

  • Upstart

    Any cash put into a private pension plan now, anywhere in North America and Western Europe, is money down the toilet. Payments in are just payments to those drawing from the ponzi. As payments in fall the ponzi becomes more difficult to maintain.

    Only 3 avenues available to preserve any savings are left now, and they are the methods used for thousands of years. Gold, Silver, and productive land.

    After the next crash all pension accounts will be worth jack.
    After the next crash the majority of shares will be worth jack.
    After the next crash the majority of real estate will be worth a fraction of what it is today.
    After the next crash all paper ‘money’ will become devalued by a large percentage.

    There is no way to save within the system anymore.

    Plan and prepare accordingly as the days of a luxury retirement, or even retirement period, are coming to a close for most people below ‘elite’ or ‘connected’ levels.

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