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The New Xbox One Will be a “Monitoring Device Under the Guise of a Gaming Console”

by VC, Vigilant Citizen:

I remember when video games were about getting Mario to save the princess and, when you were done, the console would leave you the hell alone. The new Xbox one apparently wants to put an end to those days by turning the beloved game console into a 24/7 surveillance device. The Xbox One will bundle the Kinect – a device that captures motion and sound – with every console and its camera and mic will be always on by default. In fact, Xbox One will actually refuse to work if the Kinect is not connected to it. So the camera and mic will work even when the console is turned off. And the camera will even work in the dark. Yup. It will also be able to read your facial expressions and count the people in the room with you (there are also talks of charging Pay-Per-View movies PER PERSON in the room).

Furthermore, all of this data captured by the device could easily be transmitted to God knows where as the console will require an internet connection to even function. This capability is rationalized because Microsoft wants to give users the ability of turning on the console by saying “Xbox On”. So, for this reason, the console needs to be listening to EVERY SINGLE word you’re saying around it in case you say “Xbox On”.

The unveiling of these capabilities no one asked for has lifted some eyebrows around the world.

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5 comments to The New Xbox One Will be a “Monitoring Device Under the Guise of a Gaming Console”

  • Steve_D

    And that’s why we won’t be having one in our house.

  • Ron

    You have to be a complete idiot to buy one of these!

  • Upstart

    All of these devices have clear warnings on them in the form of ancient symbols.

    As Lindsey Williams and others have said, the so called ‘elite’ have a code of ‘ethics’ which means they must tell people what they do or intend to do.

    This warning does not have to be given verbally or written in english/spanish/french/german/whatever. It can be in the form of a symbol (the most ancient form of written language). As far as the ‘elite’ are concerned, the warnings are on these devices, and that takes responsibility off them.

    If people cant read these symbols, or still willingly choose to ignore the warnings, then that, it appears, is then thier problem, and the blame/karma does not fall upon the ‘elite’, who follow the Luciferian based religions in general, and not the Abrahamic religions.

    Those who dont understand ancient symbols are classed as ignorant fools by the ‘elite’, pretty much in the same way many awake/aware class those wrapped up in the current fiat paradigm as ‘fools’ (at best).

    The elite actually shout about thier intentions, it is just that so few can hear/see the messages.

    The clearest warnings by far are given on fiat bank notes (the US Dollar and Euro in particular), apple products, and facebook. Other warnings require a bit of knowledge to see, but once your ‘eye’ is in they tend to stand out.

    • NaySayer

      There are not only two religions you know. It is not Abrahamic v. Luciferian. Where did you come up with that crazy stuff?

      Long before anybody ever heard of Abraham or Lucifer there were peaceful nature based religions that people believed in every bit as much as that new stuff. People can worship god outside of that paradigm and be very spritual and excellently good.

      • Upstart


        I appreciate what I have written may seem a bit ‘out there’, but to educated and learned Jews, Christians, and Muslims, it is not ‘crazy stuff’. Far from it.

        Many references to these things are made in each of thier respective Holy Books. Satan is also mentioned many times before Abraham came on the scene, the most famous reference being in the Garden of Eden in Genesis, a story still told through symbols today.

        Also the Freemasons, Illuminati, Saturn Cultists, etc, all follow the doctrine of Lucifer – this is common knowledge and is not hidden.

        I am also well aware of the many religions there are, and of some that have been, however as my frames of reference are taken from the ‘Old Testament’ I do not focus upon these.

        One final point, the ‘X’ symbol and the ‘Box’ shape (or cube, especially black) are references to Saturn and are a nod to the powerful Saturn Cultists (Saturn as in the planet Saturn). These guys have been around before long Babylon and under various names have worshiped Lucifer (known by many names). They firmly believe knowledge and wisdom (and today what we call advanced technology) was given/inspired to man by Lucifer, symbolised in the passing of fire (or a flaming torch).

        Indeed, so powerful were the Saturnists that the early Christian Church adopted thier celebrations, and tried to incorporate thier own in order to overwhelm it, but failed. The annual celebration today called ‘Christmas’ is actually a celebration of ‘Saturnalia’, and as such is a celebration of Luciferian doctrines.

        There is even deeper meaning in the symbols, logos, signs, and even the shape of certain devices, which I will leave you to discover for yourself, but in order to get you started the most obvious by far is the logo on apple devices. This is so obvious in its symbolism and ‘warning’ that only those completley ignorant of the teachings of the Torah, Bible, and Quran will fail to see it.

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