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The Daily Battle BEHIND the Scenes is the Real Story

As we have stated repeatedly in interviews with Andy Hoffman, James Turk, Rob Kirby, Bix Weir and others, the daily battle “behind the scenes” to control (or decimate) precious metals prices through the criminally corrupt paper markets, is the story of the century.

And certainly an even more dramatic story than we could even imagine.

Wouldn’t you love to see the daily e-mails and transcripts of the phone calls between Jamie and Blythe and Blankfein and Bernanke and the City of London Banksters, printed here? We sure would. Undoubtedly, they’d make for an even more thrilling read than a Tom Clancy novel.

SILVER: The Achilles’ Heel

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5 comments to The Daily Battle BEHIND the Scenes is the Real Story

  • Silver and Gold just uppercutted the powers that be!

  • rico

    Wishful thing, but maybe someday those documents will see the light of day, with the perpetrators spending the rest of their days pounding the rock in the hot sun, under chemtrailed skies, being treated to gourmet GMO foods and a lifelong BIG PHARMA drug regimen.

  • Mark S Mann

    We are all frustrated about this. Sean / SGT and I spoke about this today.

    I am tired of people whining sniveling and complaining about the continued smash in paper / spot metals prices. You complainers are not the only ones who are in this situation. What lead you to believe in buying metals in the first place? Was it your solid trust in our criminal government? Was it your solid belief in our totally fucked up bankrupt economy? Was it that you believed in the monetary policies our “friends” at the Fed have used since 2008 were in YOUR best interests? Do you believe the fundamentals of why you bought the metals have changed?

    When Bob Chapman was still alive and people used to whine to him about price manipulations, his response was “Where else are you going to go but Gold and Silver? What else is there? If you know something I don’t, tell me.” He was and still is 100% correct in my opinion. Its the only thing these bastards cant print, yet they can manipulate…..for now.

    Regardless of the spot price, if you own physical and its in your possession, regardless of what you paid for it…..YOU HAVE MORE CONTROL OF YOUR WEALTH AND MONEY THAN ANYONE ON THIS PLANET.

    Unless you need the money from right now to 2+ years from now, and you are forced to sell in that period, you will loose nothing. The more these criminal assholes play this game, the sooner you will be vindicated, the closer we are to the end….if you believe that, stop sniveling, and do what you have to do. Don’t want to buy more? Fine…just hold what you have and diversify your investment portfolio.

    If you don’t believe any of that…Sell your metals, take your loss, and go buy some paper Equities stocks, bonds, T-Bills, and leave your money in cash, and see what happens to you. The odds are you will be complaining either way. Put up or shut up.

  • Jasem

    We are probably living in a totally different world from the 20th century times. Our predictions for the future can’t match our history as the dynamics of the global order has changed. Our ancestors used to predict wars when tensions rise between nations and wars they get. Wars couldnt be avoided as the odds of winning a war is equal for each country involved. Today, wars make more damage than making achievements. Today, Real wars are replaced with financial and economic warfares. USA has dominated the world financially without having to wage continous wars as Britian or ancient empires had to do. Today, Merkel was able to achieve what Hitler couldn’t achieve. She ruled Europe without even having to deploy a single soldier. It is totally a different world we are living in. Therefore, we can’t assume that the ramifications of our sins will be similar to what our ancestors have seen. In other words, be prepared to face an evolution of black swan events that our minds will escape understanding. In the past, if a country wins a war against another country, it gains dominance and control. It was that simple. So wars were necessary to wage and wars were expected. In today’s global weave of capitalism, if your enemy perish, you perish with him. This explains why Germany continue to bailout Greece and Cyprus. This explains why the G20 allows Japan to devalue their currency aggressively and the list goes on. Where is that mutant black swan is going to be conjured up? Capitalisim is distant to fail as it is against God will. You can’t find your way to prosperity through spending. The formula of capitalism has never been tested for unwinding of this massive scale. God help us all

    • Ed_B

      Capitalism is the free and unfettered meeting between buyer and seller, where a price is mutually agreed upon and an exchange of one form of property made for another. This is not what we have today. Instead, the government involves itself in nearly every aspect of any such dealings, often picking winners and losers regardless of their economic and financial merits but with high regard for their political posture. This is cronyism, which I call “crapitalism”. If we are going to damn capitalism for something, then let it be for what it truly is… financial liberty… and not for what it is not.

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